With Leadhype you can filter, scrape and export data from LinkedIn with ease.

Their built-in feature allows you to scrape data from Sales Navigator even if you don't have one.

You can also use a Sales Navigator search link that you've created, and the tool will scrape the data for you.

How to set up a search on Leadhype

We created a video that shows how to use Leadhype for list building:

When you log in to your account, the first thing you see are the remaining credits for the day. These reset each 24h, however, in the meantime, you can create searches that will be completed once you get your credits for the next day.

for creating a search, you want to start with Sales Navigator. Login to your Sales Navigator, or, use the Leadhype feature:

Start by applying the basic filters, and then tweak them until you are happy with your targeting. Sales Navigator has over 30 filters, some of them apply to the company and others to the person.

In the Company section, you want to apply filters such as Company headcount, Company headquarters.

In the headquarters filter, you can include and exclude the locations for your search.

Role filter allows you to choose position, seniority and department of the contact.

You can use the exclude function for almost every filter on Sales Navigator

Spotlight filter is a neat feature if you are sending personalized messages. you can use some of the insights for creating ice-breakers:

Personal filter helps you focus your targeting on the personal information, such as connections, location, years of experience, etc.

Workflow lets you import the lists from your Sales Navigator and use them in the search. For instance, you can create a thorough Account search and save the results in the list, then import that list into Leadhype using the Workflow filter.

Then, in just a few steps you can create a filter for your ideal prospects by applying some of the job filters and personal filters.

Once you are happy with your filters, you can copy the Sales Navigator URL and use it to build your list.

Open the Dashboard, choose Sales Navigator as your tool, and paste your link.

Toggle the switch button to exclude personal emails (only business emails will be provided in this case).

Click on Launch.

You can access your list from the History tab. It will be marked as pending for half an hour or so. When the process is completed, you can download your CSV list.

Now you can go ahead and verify your list before you import it to Instantly.

Here is an article that can help you do that: How to verify leads

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