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How to build lead lists with Leadhype
How to build lead lists with Leadhype

Find leads, research prospects, and build lists on Leadhype for email outreach.

Updated this week

With Leadhype, you can effortlessly filter, scrape, and export data from LinkedIn.

Its built-in feature enables you to scrape data from Sales Navigator, even if you don't have an account.

Additionally, you can use a Sales Navigator search link that you've created, and the tool will handle the data scraping for you.

We created a video that shows how to use Leadhype for list building:

To build a lead list with Leadhype, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Leadhype account. You will see the remaining credits for the day that resets every 24 hours.

  2. To create a search, log in to your Sales Navigator or use the Leadhype feature.

  3. Apply the basic filters and tweak them with your target.

    • On Company section, apply the filters related to company such as company headcount and company headquarters.

    • On Headquarters filter, include or exclude the locations for the search.

    • On Role filter, allows you to choose the position, seniority and department of the contact. You can exclude function for every filter on Sales Navigator.

    • On Spotlight filter, use their insights in creating ice-breakers if sending a personalized message.

    • On Personal filter, this feature helps on focusing a target on the personal information such as connection, locations and years of experience.

    • On Workflows, it will import the list from the Sales Navigator and use them in the search.

  4. Once finished applying the filters, copy the Sales Navigator link and use it to build a list.

  5. Navigate to the Dashboard and select Sales Navigator as the tool and paste the link..

  6. Toggle the switch button to exclude personal emails. In this case, only business emails will be provided.

  7. Click Launch.

  8. Accessing list can be found on the History tab. It will marked as pending for half an hour. However, when the process is completed, download the CSV list.

  9. You may now proceed and verify your list before importing to Instantly.

Note: Here is an article that can help you do that: How to verify leads

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