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Instantly Dealflow (CRM)
Instantly Dealflow (CRM)

Learn what Dealflow is and why it's important for your cold email strategy.

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Our Dealflow feature helps you to keep track of your contacts, prospects, and customers in one centralized location. This streamlines the process of managing and nurturing relationships, making it easier to maintain and grow your business and measure the return on investment.

You can access the CRM from your Unibox, simply click on the CRM button:

You can create a filter for all the campaigns, or choose a campaign from the drop-down:

From here, you are able to track all the leads with the following status or custom labels:

  • Interested

  • Meeting Booked

  • Meeting Completed

  • Closed

  • Any custom labels

Click on a specific lead to get more details and to further manage the outreach, send to a subsequence, add notes, and add the prospect value:

Prospect Value is important as it can easily show you the success of your outreach and how much money you've earned with cold emails. Mark the checkbox if you want this value to apply to the whole campaign.

You can easily track the total value of your prospects by choosing a specific time range. It will pull the leads that were added to your campaigns in the specified time range.

CRM helps you get valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns, and make decisions to optimize your outreach.

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