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How to add Custom Tracking Domain - Cloudflare
How to add Custom Tracking Domain - Cloudflare

If you have issues setting up CTD on Cloudflare, this article could help!

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When you want to add custom tracking domain and your domain provider is Cloudflare, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Cloudflare account using this link

  • Click “Select Website” in the navigation bar

  • Select the domain and click the “DNS” tab

  • Click on Add record

  • Enter the following details

    Type: CNAME

    Name: inst


  • Make sure the CNAME entry in Cloudflare is in 'DNS-only' mode (the cloud icon should be gray and not orange)

  • In Instantly, under Account Settings, add the new CNAME - with being the domain you added the CNAME record under

  • Click on 'Check Status'. If everything is set up correctly, you will receive the following notifications below the Check Status button: CNAME Verified, SSL Verified

  • Go ahead and save changes

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