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Setting up Custom Tracking Domain for Cloudflare
Setting up Custom Tracking Domain for Cloudflare

If you have issues setting up CTD on Cloudflare, this article could help!

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For Custom Tracking Domain to work on Cloudflare, please make sure you have "proxied" disabled:

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Please make sure the CNAME entry in CloudFlare is in 'DNS-only' mode (the cloud icon should be gray and not orange).

If the proxy has been disabled, please make sure the record is entered as:

Name: inst

Record type: CNAME

TTL: 3600

Then, check the propagation on - enter your Custom tracking domain ( and choose CNAME lookup:

Make sure that the CNAME record points to Canonical Name

If this is not the case, we encourage you to contact your domain provider to help with record propagation.

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