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Analytics stats missing / Stats being wrong?
Analytics stats missing / Stats being wrong?

Possible answer to why you are seeing wrong/different stats.

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Could you please try to change the custom range filter to the time your campaign was launched and then check?

This could happen if you are viewing the analytics for only a specific date range (like a week). It reports the sent and opens within that specific time span.

For example, if someone was sent an email before that week and opens the email in that selected time window, that's when the analytics event will be counted in. If older leads open their emails during this selected time window, they will also be counted in.

Also, have you deleted any leads from your campaign at any point? You could be seeing stats for older deleted leads as well.

Analytics show emails sent out at different times than scheduled

One possible explanation is that our Analytics system displays data in the UTC timezone. This means that regardless of the timezone set in your schedule, the numbers shown in Analytics will be based on UTC.

For example, if you are in Australia and send emails at 07:00 local time, our Analytics system will display the emails as if they were sent on Sunday in UTC, even though they were actually sent on a different day in your local time.

Campaign analytics in list view show 0 emails sent/open for older campaigns

The list view currently only shows stats for the last 30 days. That’s why you are not seeing all the stats there (since the data for those campaigns is older than 30 days).

We have it on our roadmap to show the stats for the lifetime of the campaign.

There are 'x' number of opportunities shown, but only 'y' interested leads.

E.g. there are 121 opportunities shown, but only 72 interested leads. There are two explanations for this:

  1. The analytics view displays Opportunities, either as a total number or percentage. Interested, Meeting booked, Meeting complete, and Closed all fall under the Opportunity category.

  2. The opportunity data remains even after deleting a lead to provide an accurate snapshot of what occurred during that time period. So if you happen to delete a lead with any of the statuses mentioned above, the number of leads will be different compared to the number of Opportunities.

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