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What Instantly is about, how you can use it and what makes it different from other services 🀩

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Before we ever started working on Instantly, we had an agency and we did a lot of cold-emailing ourselves. The thing is, that we were paying around $800/mo for warm-up and email services.

This was one of our major costs, and we really wanted to see if there was a way for us to build our own email & warm-up service so we could save that money monthly. After our developer researched the architecture needed for building this, we had the exact same question as you. Are we missing something or is everybody overcharging?

Turns out – everybody is just charging a lot.

We realised people will charge what people are willing to pay. But with Instantly – our goal was to minimize the cost for these services and focus on providing an experience that ensures that your emails land in the inbox. We hope to get market share from all the competitors who are charging per account - since Instantly allows you to connect unlimited sending accounts and also gives you unlimited account warmup.

Hopefully we'll win over a lot of clients who are currently massively overpaying for email warm-up and sending, and while we’re still working on some of the advanced features yet, we have everything you need to create high deliverability campaigns already!

Instantly is meant for cold email outreach – you can use it for email marketing, but we do not send emails from our own servers (like MailChimp for example). With Instantly, our primary objective is to make sure B2B cold emails land in the main inbox all the time.

Because of that, we use your account's email servers to maximize deliverability. And so if you plan to send thousands of emails per day, you will need to figure out how many email accounts you'd need to connect (or use an SMTP provider).

With that, we hope you have a better understanding of our service and thanks for giving Instantly a chance! πŸš€

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