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How to manage the Unibox & Best Practices on how to reply to leads
How to manage the Unibox & Best Practices on how to reply to leads

Use Unibox to reply to the leads directly from Instantly.

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Unibox is a built-in centralized master inbox where you get all the replies from your leads. It will show all the emails from your connected inboxes, sent by the leads that you contacted.

So instead of logging in to your email provider for each account, or setting up forwarding for each account to your main inbox, you can access all the emails in one place.

There are 8 default tabs in Unibox.

  • All emails

  • Interested

  • Meeting booked

  • Meeting complete

  • Closed

  • Out of Office

  • Wrong person

  • Not interested

You can add more by creating customer labels, by following the steps below:

  1. Once you receive an email, and the reply tracker registers it, it will appear in the "All" tab. After you read the email you can change its status.

  2. You can hit a reply button to reply directly to the lead. The reply will be sent from the same account that was used in the campaign to send the email.

  3. If your lead added a contact to CC, you can select "Reply All" by clicking on the arrow on the Reply button:

  4. All the accounts that you connected to Instantly, and that you use for sending, will be integrated into Unibox. You can filter through the accounts by clicking on "All Inboxes" and choosing the sending account from the drop-down list. You can use this feature if there are multiple employees signed in under one license, and each one of them is responding to their emails.

  5. Another way to filter emails is by using the search. Choose the tab and enter the domain or the email address of the lead. You can filter the replies with the Campaigns filter. Click on "All Campaigns" to choose a campaign from which you want replies to show.

  6. Also, Unibox will show all the previous communication in the main window. So you can scroll down and see any previous messages sent and received. By clicking on the "Delete" button, you will delete the email thread from Unibox, but not from your main inbox.

  7. Clicking on the "Remove Lead" button allows you to delete the lead from the campaign, but also all the leads with the same domain (from the same company).

  8. This way you will not have to search for them inside the campaigns and remove them manually. Another option is to add this lead to the blocklist, so you don't have to manually enter it into the sheet.


When you hit "reply", the email will be sent from the same email address used to send the campaign email to the prospect, so it will remain in the same thread.

Send Later

If you need to schedule the reply to go out at a later time or date, you can use the "Send Later" feature.

Simply choose the date and time and click on Schedule Send:

Once set, if needed, you can cancel it by going to the "Scheduled emails" tab.

You can check more details on how to schedule a reply here.

Best practices on how to reply to leads

As soon as you get a reply to an initial cold email, you need to come up with a response to keep the conversation’s momentum going or schedule a call.

Here is what you should do when you get a positive response to your cold email:

  • Understand your prospect’s intentions

  • reply as quickly as possible

  • Have a call within 24-48h, helps with show up rates

  • Make it all about them

  • Don’t overwhelm them with too much information

  • Answer all their questions

Replying to interested leads

We created a guide that helps you turn interested leads into clients. Read about it here.

Respond to every opportunity

Before you respond to leads, you want to qualify them. If they aren’t interested, you can put the lead into "Not Interested" folder or remove them.

Don’t leave interested people hanging in the dark, respond to every single person who contacts your business. Building relationships is key to the success of any business. Regardless of whether or not these conversations will result in conversions, you should invest time in talking with those who show an interest in your business.

Even if the lead doesn’t look as interested as you’d like when you first read the email, it can actually turn into a client. So give every opportunity a chance.

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