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Instantly CRM
Instantly CRM

Instantly CRM, a multi-channel platform designed for cold outreach

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Instantly CRM is designed for cold outreach campaigns and integrates multiple communication channels, including email, SMS and calls. It is built on top of emailing functionalities, making it a comprehensive multi-channel platform.

To access the CRM, you can take advantage of the 7-day free trial. You can get started by clicking on the CRM icon on the sidebar:

To upgrade after the trial, go to your billing section, and upgrade the plan from the "CRM" tab. The CRM feature requires a separate CRM plan, which is not included in the Email Outreach plan.

The CRM offers unlimited seats for a flat fee of $97 per month, which can be more economical for teams compared to per-seat pricing models commonly used by other CRMs.

​Key Features of Instantly CRM

  • Multi-channel integration

    Allows handling of emails, calls, SMS, tasks, LinkedIn connections, all within the same platform

  • Unified Inbox
    Allows you to view all incoming emails, calls, SMS, and tasks in one main inbox view.

  • Opportunity Management
    You can track different stages of lead statuses such as interested, meetings booked, completed, won, and custom

  • AI-Personalized messaging
    AI feature will generate insights about companies, helping to craft personalized outreach messages based on company descriptions, competitors, and pain points.

  • Custom Sales Flows
    You can create custom flows based on specific conditions, improving the targeting and efficiency of sales campaigns.

  • Reporting and Goals
    Offers advanced reporting features more detailed than typical analytics, including sales goals tracking

  • Integrations
    Integrates with Google Calendar, Slack, Zapier and other tools

Detailed guides:

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