Findymail is a web scraper and not only that! It is an email verifier too, so all the leads that you get with Findymail, you won't need to verify with another tool.

Follow these steps to scrape the leads from Sales Navigator:

  1. Install Findymail's Chrome extension

  2. Get your Findymail API key (click here)

  3. Click on Findymail's extension and enter your API key to login

  1. Go to Sales Navigator and do a search. When ready, click on the Export to CSV button.

  1. Click on "Export CSV" to export your search

  1. When ready, you will be prompted to save your CSV

All emails found by Findymail are already verified so you can go ahead and import them into your Instantly campaign.

Enrich the list of domains

  1. From the dashboard, go to "Bulk from domains"

2. Upload your CSV file:

3. Select the Website column from the CSV and enter what job titles you want to include in the search. Click Start.

4. After the search finishes, you will be able to download the enriched CSV file from the results section.

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