How to verify leads

Using online tools to bulk verify lead list

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Before launching your campaigns, please make sure that all the leads have been verified as a high bounce rate may have a negative impact on your sender's reputation.

The email gets hard bounced and fails to get delivered permanently if it has been sent to a non-existent address. All these addresses should be removed from the list so that your sender's reputation does not get affected due to poor email deliverability.

There are plenty of email verification tools available on the market. In this article, we'll show you how to use Instantly, Bulkemailchecker, and MillionVerifier to verify your leads.

Verifying the leads with Instantly

Instantly offers you an easy-to-use option for email verification. You can purchase one of the following verification options from your Billing section:

  1. Monthly subscription plan

  2. One time top-ups

  • You will need to have an active outreach subscription before you purchase verification credits.

  • Your purchased credits for email verification never expire.

How to use Instantly to verify your leads?

There are two ways you can use Instantly to verify leads. Please check the steps below:

  • Bulk verify πŸ‘‰ When uploading the CSV lead file, check "Verify leads" before clicking Upload all. The verification process will start soon after.

  • Individual verification πŸ‘‰ this method is used when you've already uploaded the leads. Select the leads that you want to verify from the leads tab, and click on the "Verify leads" button.

Verification status

Leads that are being verified will have the status "In verification queue" when you check your leads:

Invalid and Risky leads will not be contacted by default:

You can enable this feature by navigating to Campaign - Options to contact Risky emails.

Verifying the leads with Bulkemailchecker

The bulk verify system allows uploads of any plain text csv or tab-delimited list of emails to be bulk verified. Follow the steps below to verify your leads using Bulkemailchecker:

  • Upload your lead list by clicking on the Choose File, and if it contains data other than just email addresses, click on the second option:

  • Click on Upload.

    Wait a minute or two for a file to be imported. Be sure to check the status every now and then to get to the next step.

  • When the import is done, you need to choose the column that contains email addresses. Then, click on Select.

  • The emails are being uploaded now, and be sure to check the status every now and then to get to the next step.

  • Lastly, you want to confirm and pay the number of credits for verification to start. You can pay additional credits to speed up the process too.

  • Be sure to check the status to get to the last step.

  • Finally, you can export your file by clicking the Export button and selecting Spreadsheet.

Verifying the leads with MillionVerifier

Follow the steps below to verify your leads using MillionVerifier:

  • Click on Start Verify.

  • Track the number of emails in the queue, when it gets down to just a few, it is safe to finish the search and download the list.

  • Click on the stop button to finish the search in case you don't want to wait for the last email to get verified which can take a lot of time.

  • MillionVerifier will allow you to download the email addresses with different statuses, but the safest is to download the list with only Good Emails which you can go ahead and upload to Instantly.

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