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Scrape Crunchbase with Dataminer
Scrape Crunchbase with Dataminer

How to use Dataminer to scrape the list of companies from Crunchbase

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With Dataminer extension you can scrape thousands of rows of data in just a few minutes.

For the following example, you will need a Crunchbase account (7 days free plan) and free Dataminer extension. Next, you will need some of the enrichment tools such as Apollo or Findymail to get the leads from company data.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to Crunchbase, and create a company search.

  2. Activate the Dataminer extension on the search page

  3. Choose the Recipe you want to use or create one by following these steps:

    1) Click Make a new recipe (fill out the details)

    2) Recipe creator window will pop up and from there click on the tab 2 Type:

    3) Select the type of the recipe - List:

    4) Skip the 3 Page tab. Go to tab 4 Rows. Map the rows that contain data you want to export by hovering the mouse and pressing key 1 on the first data row, and then hovering the mouse and pressing key 2 for the second data row:

    After marking the second field, the list will look like this:

    5) Go back to recipe creator and click confirm:

  4. Now move to the tab 5 Cols to map the columns. Click on Add new column:

  5. Column finder section will open. Click on the Advanced settings and then "Selected rows". Then click on the Easy Column Finder:

  6. Follow the Dataminer instructions - hover your mouse over the data that you want to appear in the column first and press C on the keyboard.

  7. To add the Company name in the first column. Hover the mouse of the company name and press C. The field will then be marked like this:

  8. Choose the first item on the list and click Confirm:

  9. Rename your column in the Recipe. To create another column, click "Add New Column" and repeat the steps for whatever number of columns you want to add.

  10. If the Easy finder method did not work for you, you can expand the "Advanced settings" and follow the guide on "Advanced Finder" or fill out your page like this:

  11. Click on tab 6 Nav. This will set the scraper to change the pages for getting all the results. Click on Easy Nav Finder and hover the mouse over "Next" link in the search and press "N" on the keyboard:

  12. Click Continue, skip tab 7, and finish the recipe by adding the name and description. Click Save.

  13. Click "Scrape in Data Miner":

  14. In your Data Miner "Page Scrape" tab, choose the recipe you want to use. On the right-hand side, enable Pagination and set the number of pages you would like scraped.

  15. When you are happy with the number of results, stop the scraper and download your CSV file.

You can now enrich the list of domains with some of the online tools and get the contact data.

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