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Zapier integration: Google Sheets —> Add Lead To Instantly Campaign
Zapier integration: Google Sheets —> Add Lead To Instantly Campaign

Anytime a new spreadsheet row is created in Google Sheets, add lead to campaign in Instantly.

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To automate your process even further, you can automatically import leads to your campaign when you create a new row in Google Sheets by setting up a Zapier.

Or follow the step-by-step guide below to set up a Zapier:

  1. Find your Instantly API Key. To do this go to Settings —> Integrations —> Copy Zapier API Key

  2. In your Zapier account, click on Create new Zap, select Google Sheets and in the event type, click New spreadsheet row. Click Continue.

  3. Sign in to your Google account, or choose one from already signed-in accounts. Click Continue.

  4. In the Set up trigger step, choose the spreadsheet and the worksheet, click Continue.

  5. Click Test trigger and then Continue.

  6. In the Action step, choose Instantly.

  7. For the Event, select Add lead to campaign. Then click Continue.

  8. Connect your Instantly account by choosing the workspace you already created before, or by Connecting a new workspace and imputing your Zapier API key.

  9. Select the campaign that you want to add the lead to:

  10. Choose if you want to check for duplicates:

  11. Now we can map our fields under set up action.

    Please note if you have any custom fields you can map these in the Custom Variables area marked in red. Just make sure these variables are spelled correctly matching your google sheet column headers

  12. Test your action and look out for status "success".

  13. Publish your Zap.

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