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Zapier Integration: Google Sheets —> Remove Lead from Instantly Campaign
Zapier Integration: Google Sheets —> Remove Lead from Instantly Campaign

Remove Leads In Instantly Campaigns From Google Sheets

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You can use this flow to create a Zapier to remove leads in Instantly campaigns from Google Sheets, or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Find your Instantly API Key. To do this go to Settings —> Integrations —> Copy Zapier API Key

  2. Before we start the Zap flow make a new column inside of your lead list sheet called "Remove Lead?". This column will be essential as it’ll be the trigger for the flow.

  3. Go to Zapier and connect Google Sheets, then choose Event: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row.

  4. Connect your Google Sheets account by signing in or selecting an already connected account.

  5. Set up the trigger by selecting the spreadsheet and worksheet. (For the Trigger Column we will be using the “Remove Lead?” field we made in our spreadsheet).

  6. Test your trigger and move onto the filter by the Zapier function.

  7. Click on the "+" button, and add the filter.

  8. Set your filter as the Remove Lead? column from our spreadsheet and the operator as “Text Exactly Matches” and the value as “Yes”.

  9. Connect Instantly:

  10. Select event: Remove lead from campaign

  11. Select Instantly workspace or connect it by pasting the API key.

  12. Under Set up action select the campaign of your choice and then select the email address from your Google Sheet list. Test the Zap and publish it.

  13. Congrats! You can now remove leads in Instantly from Google Sheets!

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