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Zapier integration: Add a lead to Close CRM when marked as Interested in Instantly
Zapier integration: Add a lead to Close CRM when marked as Interested in Instantly

Follow the tutorial to create a Zap: when a lead is marked as Interested, add it to Close CRM

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With our Zapier integration you can export interested leads from the Unibox to your Close CRM.

Follow this flow to create your Zap: Zapier Instantly & Close CRM

Or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to to your Zaps editor click on Create a Zap:

2. Type Instantly in the search bar and select it from the drop-down menu

3. In the event field, select New event:

4. Click Continue

5. Click Sign in to connect your Instantly account and paste the API key.

Get your API Key from the Integrations page and copy the Zapier API key:

6. In the pop-up window paste your API key and click on Yes, Continue.

7. After you've connected your Instantly account with Zapier, click Continue:

8. In Setup action select your campaign and event type = Lead is marked as interested. If you leave the campaign field empty, the rule will be applied to all your campaigns.

9. Test your trigger by marking a lead from the selected campaign as Interested and clicking on Test trigger.

10. Select Close and select event = Create Lead.

11. In the event section, choose Create Lead and click Continue.

12. Sign in to your Close account to connect it with Zapier.

13. Paste your Close API key in the new window (get it here).

14. Select your Close account and click Continue.

15. Map your fields inside of the setup action:

16. Run a test to make sure your Zap works.

Check your Close account to confirm

17. Publish your Zap.

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