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Learn how to integrate Slack with Instantly

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Slack integration allows you to receive notifications in Slack when a specific event occurs. Events available for this integration are:

  • Email sent

  • Lead is marked as interested

  • Lead is marked as not interested

  • Lead is marked as neutral

  • Lead status changed to "Meeting booked"

  • Lead status changed to "Meeting complete- not closed"

  • Lead status changed to "Closed"

  • Lead status changed to "Out of office"

  • Lead status changed to "Wrong person"

  • Email bounced

  • Email opened

  • Reply received

  • Lead unsubscribed

  • Campaign completed

  • All events

How to set up your Slack Integration?

To set up your Slack integration, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Slack webhook

  2. Sign in to install, and click "Add to Slack"

  3. Choose a Slack channel where you want the notifications to be sent, or create a new one.

  4. Click on Add incoming WebHooks integration.

  5. Copy the WebHook URL.

  6. Paste the WebHook URL into the Instantly Slack integration window.

  7. Select the Campaign and Event type and click Add Slack Webhook.

Awesome! You can now start receiving notifications in the chosen Slack channel when a specified event happens.

To learn more about WebHooks and other integrations, please check this article.

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