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Getting started with the Website Visitors feature
Getting started with the Website Visitors feature
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To start tracking your website visitors, you will have to complete a couple of initial steps.

To ensure compliance with privacy laws, you will have to:

  1. Update your Privacy Policy with the following info.

  2. Implement a Cookie Banner.

Below are the instructions for adding the Website Visitors script to your website's HTML files.

First, make sure you copy the script from your account settings. Add your domain and get the pixel code from Instantly.

The Website Visitors feature can detect individual visitor information from US-based traffic - including business email addresses, job titles, what pages they've visited on your website, etc. If you're on a paid plan for this feature, you can also get additional 'company-only' visitor resolutions for free.

To start collecting leads, you only need to install the pixel code (and set up any desired segmentation).

The visitor information does not come from your existing campaigns or lists. Instead, it is discovered and enriched by our powerful AI-powered algorithm. Long story short, this helps you discover data for all warm/inbound leads that you'd have otherwise missed.

Then, follow the instructions based on where your website is built.

3. Wix
4. cPanel

Visitor tracking is currently only available for website traffic from the US.

Note: Website Visitors free default tokens in amount of 50 credits + 200 LinkedIn resolutions are renewing every month, at the time based on the account's billing cycle renewal date.

Remained credits are not rolling over to the next month, they are just being renewed in the same monthly amount.

Credits are charged per detection; doesn't matter if they are added to a campaign or list.

1 Credit = 1 Resolved Visitor Profile (A profile where we find a business email and/or a LinkedIn profile). Credits won't be taken for visitors where an email or LinkedIn profile was not found.

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