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Importing Website Visitors into a campaign
Importing Website Visitors into a campaign
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Once the pixel is installed, it will start capturing information about the visitors to your website. You will receive data in the "Website Visitors" tab.

There are two ways to import visitors into a campaign

1. From the "All Visitors" tab

  • Click the "Filter" button

  • Select filters based on the industry, revenue, department, and job roles.

  • Select the leads and click "Add to Campaign". You can check for duplicates, and you should also verify the leads before contacting them.

The email addresses provided by the Website Visitor ID still need to be verified before contacting them. You can use the in-built verification system in Instantly (get credits here) to import leads to a campaign in a few clicks.

Alternatively, download the CSV file, verify with your preferred tool, and manually upload the leads to the campaign.

2. From the Website Visitor View

Website visitor view is used when you want to send visitors to a campaign in real time.

  • First, you need to name the view.

  • Then, add a Slack webhook if you'd like to receive Slack notifications for this view. This is optional.

  • Select the campaign

  • You need to verify the leads before adding them to a campaign, to reduce the bounce rate.

Filters available in the Website Visitor View are revenue, seniority level, department level, primary industry, and number of employees.

You can also specify the exact URL the visitor was detected on, and the Referrer - who brought the visitor to this page. For example: if the visitor came from an Instagram ad, you will see Instagram as the referrer.

Here is the video guide:

Once you click "Save", the visitors that match the criteria from this view, will be sent to a selected campaign in real-time.

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