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Cold Email Copywriting Framework We Use To Get 400+ Replies Monthly
Cold Email Copywriting Framework We Use To Get 400+ Replies Monthly

Copywriting strategies and messaging combos for your campaigns

Updated over a week ago

If you test enough targeting/messaging combos, you'll find 100% a combo that works or you'll find out there's no product-market fit. If you don't have product-market-fit and are testing out a new offer it's especially important to test out tons of angles.

Instead of giving you 1 strategy, we're going to give you multiple different strategies so you will always have things to test.

For some offers, we found a working campaign after 3 tries, for others it took 3 months and 40 campaigns. You need to get into the habit of testing new things daily and weekly.

You may check this on our Youtube Channel.

How to succeed with our copywriting framework?

  • Create a 15 or 30 minute copywriting calendar event for every morning.

  • When you're first starting out with a new client or for yourself, create at least 4 different campaigns in Instantly each with a different strategy from this guide.

  • Create a new campaign daily in Instantly with a different angle or a strategy from this guide.

  • Keep testing new angles until you find a winning combo and double down on that.

  • Keep testing new angles and strategies next to your winners because every strategy will get saturated and stop working at some point.

You may check this copywriting framework document by clicking this link.

Anatomy of a good cold email

The simplest structure for a cold email consists of Personalization, Offer, and CTA. You may check this example.


Hey Tom,

Your twitter posts are amazing! Have you thought about turning them into videos? Because we created a tool that turns your tweets into TikTok videos automatically.

Mind if I send more info?


This email is short and sweet with a unique offer. Complimenting something very specific and asking permission to send more info (more on this later).

And this is the bare minimum, there’s many good variables we can add like case studies but this is a good starting point for every niche and then we can start experimenting with adding sentences.


Personalized lines could be created either manually or using an automated tool. We have found that manually created first lines work the best for improving reply rates and positive reply rates. However, it’s a matter of prioritizing time over quality and vice versa.

The easiest way to manually create personalized first lines is to compliment people or businesses on their recent achievements, blog posts, product releases or experiences. Here are examples for each of these categories.

  • Complimenting achievements: “I loved reading your story on Impact Innovation! It is impressive how you've grown from £6m to £19m!”

  • Complimenting blog posts: “I love the blog on your website, especially the post about seasonal skincare tips! I will certainly try a few of them!”

  • Complimenting produce release: “Wow! The new Skeleton Band looks amazing, it will certainly be super successful!”

  • Complimenting experience: “Already in business for 35 years? That’s honestly super impressive in such a competitive field!”

  • Complimenting impressive case studies or clients: “Love the campaign you guys did for Nike, looks super fresh.”

It has been shown in studies that 47% of people prefer to open emails based on attractive opening lines, which can be seen under the subject line without even opening the email. This has been proven time and time again by our own data - emails with personalized first lines see a 2x improvement in reply rates and a significant boost in open rates across all industries and offerings. makes it super easy to integrate first lines in your outreach campaigns.

This is how you can send out personalized emails at scale with

  1. Prepare a lead list in Google Sheets or Excel and add a column named Personalization.

  2. Write your personalized lines manually or use an AI generator.

  3. Upload the lead list to your Instantly campaign. It will automatically detect the personalization column and attribute the {{Personalization}} tag.

  4. Insert the {{Personalization}} variable in your body copy.

Offer/ Targeting

Offer is the most underrated part of a high-converting cold email copy. If your offer is saturated or flat-out sucks - no copywriting tip will really help you.

Only work with clients with proven offers and if you’re creating your own offers make sure it resonates with your target audience and there is a big problem you’re solving for them.

Good Example:

Emerging markets & Fresh offers (Tiktok advertising, Sustainability)

Digital Agencies especially TikTok and Influencer Marketing (With unique offers and strong case studies only)

High Ticket Coaching & Consulting (Business, Marketing, Sales, Management)

Saas & Enterprise Software (especially funded companies)

Hard Example:

  • M&A Companies (unless very broad market)

  • SEO companies (outdated offer)

  • Web development (outdated and very situational)

  • Web design & Branding (very situational)

  • Most Ecom focused agencies (ecom founders aren’t much into email marketing)

  • Very small markets (TAM below 50K, not scalable offers, only targeting women or men)

  • Old school businesses (Haven’t done sales from cold email traffic)

Getting Granular:

  • Instead of Facebook Ads Agency.

    Better option would be Facebook Ads agency for Saas companies.

  • Instead of a Digital Agency

    Better option is a Digital Agency that helps sustainable ecom stores.

Call to Action

Strong Call To Action will definitely improve your response rate. Obviously ideally you would want the prospect to book in a meeting straight from a Calendly link, but this is the lowest response rate strategy we’ve tested.

People are busy, even selecting a time from a Calendar link or proposing times for you might be too much. Make it as simple for your prospects as possible and instead of asking for a call straight away, we recommend asking for a lower friction action first.

You may check this video on Cold Email Call to Actions.


  • Mind if I send more info?

  • Do you have any time this Friday for a quick chat?

  • Would you be against having a quick call this Friday?

  • Mind if I send you a Loom video about it?

  • Respond with “A” if I can send more info, respond with “B” if it’s not a fit right now.

  • Choose a time from my Calendar here.

  • Would you be interested in doing a 15 minute interview with me?

  • I know you get pitched a lot so I wanted to ask your permission first to see if you mind if I can send you more info?

  • Can I send you a link that explains how it works?

  • Please see more on this blog post here.

  • Can I send you a PDF that explains how we do it?

  • Let’s talk?

  • Want to see how we do it?

  • Can I give you a call on Wednesday or Friday at 13pm Est?

  • I know you’re busy but can I call you next Tuesday? I promise I won’t waste your time.

  • When would be a good time for a 15 minute call?

  • Interested? Y/N

  • Lmk if you’d be interested?

  • Let’s jump on a call and I’ll show you how you can (your offer)

  • I wrote more about it here.

  • Are you free any time this week for a quick chat?

  • Here’s the strategy document I wrote.

  • Check out our app here.

  • I’ll send you a burger with UberEats if you can jump on a quick 15 min call this week.

  • You mind if I run some calculations for you to see how much you could save?

  • Interested to hear more?

  • Let me know if this sounds like something worth exploring for {{companyName}}? Very confident we can get you results.

  • (your offer) priority for you right now or not really?

  • What’s the best way to grab 15 min on your calendar to share some ideas for {{companyName}}?

  • Do I have your permission to send over a few time slots to chat?

  • On a quick call I can audit your (branding/SEO/FB ads/sales etc.) strategy. Interested?

Subject Line

I like to think of subject lines like the notifications you get on your phone from friends or apps. What kind of short message will get you to open your phone and check it out?

99% of the times you want to personalize it and have their name or company name in the subject line.


  • {{firstName}} - quick question

  • {{firstname}} - (your name)

  • Thought you’d like this {{first name}}

  • Quick question

  • Interview request

  • Question about {{companyName}}

  • Weird question {{firstName}}?

  • Thoughts?

  • Thoughts {{firstName}}?

  • Can you help {{firstName}}?

  • Love {{companyName}}!

Research and Collecting Data

To write a really good email you need to do some research on the market you’re going after. Best cold emails make your prospects feel understood.

You want to resonate with your audience and make them go “damn this dude seems to know what they’re talking about”. You will make them feel understood by knowing industry-specific insights and then tying it together with your offer.

For example, if you’re contacting Ecom stores, most of them are focusing on increasing their Conversion Rate and AOV. If you mention this in your emails - it will resonate. If you’re contacting SaaS companies, their main KPIs are MRR and Churn. If you’re an agency - create an onboarding form that your clients will fill out based on the information they have about their targets. This will save you some time.

Resonating Variables

The goal is to find as many variables as possible that will resonate with the target audience. The more resonating variables we have - the higher the chance of getting a response. Your email will be more personal, segmented and will stand out from all that generic crap that 99% of people are sending. People just want to feel understood.

We help ecom stores grow.

We help female founders in LA grow their sustainable make-up brands while putting the planet and people first.

  • 1 generic niche resonating variable - ecom

  • 1 generic value prop resonating variable - grow

  • 1 gender resonating variable - female

  • 1 position resonating variable - founder

  • 1 location resonating variable - LA

  • 1 generic value prop resonating variable - grow

  • 1 sub niche resonating variable - sustainable

  • 1 sub niche resonating variable - make-up

  • 1 niche resonating variable - brands

  • 1 mission resonating variable - “while putting the planet and people first”

Total points: 2 points

Total points: 8 points

Bigger number = Better person

Here is a Copywriting Avatar Cheat Sheet, just click here.

Pro Tip:

  • Use specific variables for specific niches. CEOs and Marketing managers will resonate with different value props. Different niches will resonate with niche-specific case studies.

  • Don’t cram everything into 1 email. Combine variables that make sense. Ideal email will only be 2-3 sentences long, so try to find the most powerful variables.

  • When you do A/B testing, just change 1 variable. Otherwise you won’t know what made the difference.

  • Create as many combos as it takes. This Cheat Sheet should be a work in progress. Anytime you have an idea - add it to the sheet.

Fill the sheet for your own agency as well and use it for your own outreach.

Segmentation/ Targeted Personalized First Lines

As an alternative to writing fully personalized lines about a specific person you can also use more general but still personalized first lines. These can be about their location, weather, fun facts or just general pattern interrupt openers that will make you stand out from people that don’t use them. You can send the same line to 1000s of people while it still seems personalized to them.

The more specific you can get - the more personalized your approach will look. Instead of targeting the entire US or California - target Los Angeles. See all examples below.

Location Based

  • Saw you’re also from {{location}} - small world.

  • How’s life in {{location}} - haven’t been there in a while.

  • Saw you’re from New York, are you a Knicks or Nets fan?

  • Did you know that in NYC honking your horn Is Illegal which is why i'm sending you an email instead

  • Saw that you’re from New York, with NYC rent prices I’m pretty sure you need as many sales opps as possible right?

  • I saw you’re from LA, are you a Lakers or a Clippers fan:D ?


  • Damn, when I saw your newest collection I wanted to reach out straight away.

  • When I saw your product images I wanted to reach out right away.

  • Wow your site loads super fast - good job!

  • Love your product page layout - must get over 2% conversions with it?

  • Amazing how you turned your passion for {niche} into a business. Lots of people dream about that but few actually pull it off

Time Specific

  • Wanted to reach out before [enter holiday coming up, for example “everybody goes on a Christmas break”]

  • Hope you’re not in weekend mode yet :D [sent on Friday]

  • Wanted to catch you before lunch. [sent before lunch obv]


  • Saw it’s raining in {{location}} - hope it gets better soon!

  • Damn saw it’s X degrees in {{location}} - hope you have an AC.

Trending Topics

  • I hope Monday didn’t slap you as hard as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Job Positions

  • Congrats on your new position at {{companyName}} - well deserved:)

  • Saw what you’re doing at {{companyName}} and I have to say I’m quite impressed by your trajectory. Not a lot of recruiters out there that have this type of track record.

  • Who’s the right person in {{companyName}} to talk about [your offer]

Channel Specific

  • Love the (niche) insights you’ve been posting on Twitter. Finally someone who actually knows what they’re talking about! I thought I’d reach out because we helped another (target group),

  • Your LinkedIn profile was impressive and I wanted to reach out directly.

  • Found you on (article, platform, directory)


  • You might not remember me (mainly because we’ve never met) but I wanted to..

  • I got your email from your ex (just kidding, sorry for the mini-heart attack)

To find out more ideas, you may check the following link.

Strategy 1: 25% Reply Rate Email Formula

If you’re tired of not getting any responses to your emails LISTEN UP. The secret to the universe (and cold emailing) is simple - you get what you put in. So the more effort you put into researching your niche, their business, their personal life and childhood achievements, the more responses you’re going to get. See Nardwuar shocking rappers or Sean Evans surprising his quest with their deepest darkest secrets.

If you create 100% customized emails then you could possibly get close to 100% reply rate, but in terms of creating cold email campaigns at scale here’s exactly what you got to do. I’m going to give you our formula first, then an example outreach email and then we’re going to dissect every line.

This is the main template we use and just change up the offers and CTA’s to find out what works best for our target group.

25% Reply Rate Email Formula:

Personalization + Your Value Prop + Target Niche (Niche, Subsegment, Location) + Your Targets Goal + Your Targets Value Prop + Relevant Case Study + Cliffhanger Value Prop + CTA

Example of email on offering Lead Gen to TikTok Marketing agencies:

Hey Tom,

Just saw that you helped Nike get 1M views with your latest TikTok campaign - that’s amazing!

I wanted to reach out because we connect ecom focused TikTok agencies in LA like yours with low-ticket Ecom stores perfect for TikTok ads that are already making over $100K/mo and looking to grow with TikTok Ads. Just helped Dormify book 17 meetings.

I would love to show you my plan of getting you 50 meetings with ecom stores like that (we work mostly on performance btw).

Do you have any time this week for a quick chat?




You want to go through your prospects website or LinkedIn and pick out something unique about them and write a quick and sweet compliment for that. This is the only manual part of the email and will take 30-60 seconds, the rest of the email is targeted but not customized. My favorite and usually the fastest way is to find their success stories and pick out something you like.

“Just saw that you helped Nike get 1M views with your latest TikTok campaign - that’s amazing!”

Value Prop

Here’s where you can brag about what you do best. Don’t hold back and put your best foot forward. Make it as specific to your target audience as possible.

Target Niche (Niche, Subsegment, Location)

You want to be as specific as possible. Instead of Ecom stores you want to call them out as much as you can - Luxury watch stores in NYC. The more specific you get the more it will resonate with the audience. We want to make them think “damn, that’s me!” and “if they did it for this very similar company, they probably can do the same for me.”

  • “ecom focused TikTok agencies in LA”

Target Goals

Most cold emails just mention the target niche, but we’ll go a step further and show our prospects we actually know what their goal is. Instead of saying we just help you connect with Ecom stores, we can tell them we help low-ticket (best price for TikTok agencies) and are already making over $100K/mo (no new stores, stores that have the marketing budget).

  • “low-ticket Ecom stores perfect for TikTok ads that are already making over $100K/mo”

Target Value Props

Now let’s take another step deeper into showing how well we know our audience by calling out their value prop too. This is what they help their customers do.

Relevant Case Study

Add a short and relevant case study to show you can actually do this and did it for a very similar company.

  • “Just helped Dormify book 17 meetings.”

Cliffhanger Value Prop

Now let’s get bold and put our money where our mouth is. Show your prospects that you are the man by having a plan or a presentation ready for them. Tell them you have a money back guarantee or performance based pricing model. Tell them you’ll send them a burger with UberEats if they don’t find a call with you valuable. Make it interesting and as much of a no-brainer as possible to get them on a call with you.

  • “I would love to show you my plan of getting you 50 meetings with ecom stores like that (we work mostly on performance btw).”


End your email with a clear Call To Action. Either ask them straight up for a call or if it’s okay for you to send them a personalized video or a proposal.

  • “Do you have any time this week for a quick chat?”

That’s it. It will take some research in the beginning, but reverse engineer your case studies, talk with your customers and honestly try to understand their business. That’s how you’ll get higher response rates too.

Strategy 2: One Sentence Email

People’s attention span is short. Keep your email snappy and to the point with 1 sentence email. Good email copywriting practice to get into.

Strategy 3: Research Angle

Instead of pitching your offer straight away, ask your prospects if they'd be willing to answer a few questions for a research you're doing.

Most people would love to answer relevant questions. And later once you've already talked with the prospect and it seems like a good fit you can pitch your offer.


Hey Tom,

We’re writing a research paper on Ecom stores like {{companyName}} and would love to ask you a few questions about (your offer specific questions).

Mind if I send some questions over? Happy to share insights with you later and add a link to your website once we publish it.



Strategy 4: Asking for an Introduction

Instead of pitching straight away, ask for the right person in the company to talk about your service.


Hey {{firstName}}, who is the right person in {{companyName}} to talk about X?

Strategy 5: Podcast Angle

If you have a podcast or are planning to do one, then this is one of the best ways to make connections with people and get them to respond to your emails.


Hey Tom,

We have a podcast where we chat with Ecom store owners like you and would love to have you on to talk about your experience growing {{companyName}}.

Mind if I send some times over?



Strategy 6: 현지 언어 사용

When reaching out to countries where English isn't the main language, try translating your copy to the local language to increase response rates.

Strategy 7: Customized Images

Use customized Images in your emails to increase your email curiosity. For example if you’re selling app development to Fitness Trainers you could have an app design mockup and then change the pictures for the influencers you’re reaching out to.

For example in the example above you could change out the name “Chuck Johnes” and the image for each new fitness trainer you’re reach out to.

Strategy 8: Loom Video

Instead of pitching them with text, send them a Loom video or ask if it's okay to send them a Loom video showing how you can help them.


Hey Tom,

Your twitter posts are amazing! Have you thought about turning them into videos? Because we created a tool that turns your tweets into TikTok videos automatically.

I made a quick Loom video for you on how it works - mind if I send it over?


Strategy 9: Ask for a Permission

Instead of pushing your agenda and selling straight away, ask their permission first. Is it okay if I send more info? Is it okay if I send you a link?


Hey Tom,

Your twitter posts are amazing! And I know you get pitched a lot so I wanted to ask your permission first to see if you’re okay if I show you a tool we created that turns your tweets into TikTok videos automatically.

Mind if I send more info?


Strategy 10: Add a Guarantee

The biggest objection to overcome with cold prospects is trust. Guarantees help people trust you more because you have some skin in the game. figure out the best guarantee you can offer (it doesn't have to be a money-back guarantee).

If you’re struggling to close, make it a no-brainer offer for them (more skin in the game). If you already are closing nicely, you can focus more on making it a no-brainer for you. Don’t make your life miserable on purpose.

Deliverability based guarantee (best for services)

  • If we don’t do X we’ll do X.

  • If we don’t increase your revenue in 60 days, you’ll get a full refund.

  • If we don’t increase your revenue in 60 days, we’ll work for no extra charge until we get there.

Asset based guarantee (if you do audits, setup etc..)

  • We guarantee that you’ll have a new website in 30 days our you get a full refund

  • We guarantee we’ll set up your Facebook Ads with at least 10 ads in 30 days or you get a full refund.

Action-Based Guarantee (best for courses and DIY offer)

If you follow all the steps in the action plan/course and you don’t see (result) in (timeframe) you get a full refund.


Hey Tom,

We help fashion ecom stores like yours grow with TikTok ads and we work purely on performance. If we don’t increase your sales you don't pay us anything.

Mind if I send more info?

Strategy 11: Performance Based Offer

If your offer is performance based, say it in your emails


Hey Tom,

We help fashion ecom stores like yours grow with TikTok ads and we work purely on performance. If we don’t increase your sales you don't pay us anything.

Mind if I send more info?

Strategy 12: Free Audit

Offer your prospects a free audit based on your offer in your initial email.


Hey Tom,

We help fashion ecom stores like yours increase their traffic from Google. I already noticed some low-hanging fruit on {{companyName}} website and would love to give you a free audit on what you could improve.

Do you have any time this Thursday or Friday for a 15 min call?

Strategy 13: Prework (Sending value)

If you have a very specific offer and not many leads in your target group - then it makes sense to do more prep than you would usually do. You can do the following.

  • Do mockups

  • Do quick audits

  • Write down specific things you noticed on their website and etc...

Strategy 14: Broken Link

Lil sneaky method, but if you don't want to create a customized video for every prospect and only create videos for people who respond do this "I created a quick loom video here: random)"

When they click on the link - it doesn't work. So they will reach out and tell you the link is broken. Once they do that - record a video and send the correct link.

Strategy 15: Be ambigious

It's counter-intuitive but sometimes being vague is better than being very specific. If your offer is something that people have heard 100 times, they might be allergic to it even when you can actually help them. People might also be biased because of bad experiences with other similar offers.

So for example if you help Saas companies with SEO, don't tell them you offer SEO (they've heard it 1000 times before), tell them you have strategies to increase their MRR. This might pique their interest more.

Strategy 16: Upfront

Try this style of a copy.


Sorry if it's too upfront, but I just noticed something that could (your offer).

Mind if I send more info?

Sorry if it's too upfront, but I just noticed your website doesn’t have a FB pixel installed

Strategy 17: Spontaneous

Most cold email copy sucks because you can understand straight away that it’s a template sent for 1000s of people. To get around this when you’re sitting down to write your first copy - imagine that you just found your prospects website, clicked “email us” and now are writing the email right then and there.

Don’t edit the email or keep the editing to a minimum. Editing will remove a lot of the things that make it seem like it was written on the spot. It will be a little bit more sloppy, but it will come off as more authentic. I like to use words that “expert copywriters” would tell you to remove..

If this would be a template you wouldn’t say “so” in that sentence, it’s more of the way people talk not write. But because of that it will come off less like a template. I also like to use “btw”, “lmk” and anything else people use to write with their friends in chat. With this kind of an email - don’t use fancy signatures, keep it simple.


Hey Tim,

So I was just searching for sustainable ecom stores and found {{companyName}}. And when I was scrolling through your product pages I saw that you don’t have a TikTok account yet I wanted to reach out straight away. Have you thought about TikTok or?

Because shortly we help sustainable ecom stores spread their mission and get more sales on TikTok. Btw we just helped (client) get an extra 40K visitors in 1 month there.

Would it be cool if I send you more info on how we did it? Lmk.



25 More Strategies to test

When testing new copies and running A/B tests always remember to change only 1 thing in your email. Otherwise you won’t know what made the difference.

  1. Do it as a joke.

    When you have writer's block, ask yourself: What would I do as a joke?

  2. Optimize Email Preview.

    Preview text is the bit of text below or next to an email’s subject line in the inbox and gives extra insight into what’s inside the email. Gmail refers to this as Snippets, Apple Mail refers to it as a preview, and Outlook calls it a Message Preview. No matter what it’s called, this copy is the preview text. Have something eye-catching and interesting there and your open rates will go up.

  3. Use your unique advantage.

    Your product or target group might have something that nobody else has - use that to your advantage. For instantly it was 1 subscription for connecting unlimited inboxes.

  4. Use Plain text Email

    Remove all stylings, images, gifs, fancy fonts, colors and signature. Just send a simple plain text only email which has the highest deliverability compared to emails that have images in them.

  5. Remove Spam Words

    Spam words will hurt your deliverability - so please don't use them if possible.

  6. Sent from iPhone

    Add "Sent from Iphone" at the end of your email instead of a signature to make it seem like you typed up the email on your phone.

  7. Use Urgency

    • "We have last 2 spots for July available"

    • "For the next 3 clients we offer X"

    • "If we can do a call this week I can offer you X"

  8. Remove All Links

    We don't recommend sending links without asking permission first. And if you're getting low deliverability you can try removing all links from your emails to see if it will help.

  9. Use Sending account variable in Instantly

    If you're using multiple different sending accounts with different names, use {{Sendingaccountname}} variable in the sign-off to have that specific sending account name show up.

  10. Text-based Opt-out

    Instead of adding an unsubscribe link to your emails use a text-based opt-out.

    • "Reply With "No Thanks" if it's not a fit right now."

  11. Use Variables

    Use variables like {{firstName}} and {{companyName}} in your emails to make it more unique and customized. Experiment with different variables available in your data like location, job position etc.

  12. Use pattern interrupts in your emails

    • Ask for a 13 minute call slot instead of 15.

    • Send them a poem.

    • Send a funny meme.

  13. Use a funny sign-off

    Stand out with a unique sign-off.

    • Over and Out,

    • My Uber is here GTG,

    • Hasta La Pasta,

    • PS: Let me know if you didn’t get this email

    • Let me know if you have any questions. Or don’t

    • Apologies,

    • Insert pleasantry here,

    • I’ll be back,

    • Great Success!

  14. Ask a Intriguing Question

    Instead of pitching your offer straight away - ask your prospect something they're passionate about. For example, if you're targeting book authors you can ask them a question about their book.

  15. Sound Excited
    Instead of boring formal and professional emails break the norm with a little bit of more energy

    • Damn, when I saw your (their content) I wanted to reach out straight away!

    • Wow your product images look so good an appetizing I wanted to hit you up :D

  16. Remove Jargon and Buzzwords

    Stop saying things like we'll skyrocket your sales in record time. I even don't like saying very technical things that you wouldn't say in a normal conversation. Especially if it's the first time you message prospects.

  17. Remove 80% of your copy.

    If you're not getting results with your cold email try cutting off everything that's not a priority and just sticking with the bare minimum.

  18. Ask a Challenging Question

    • "Are You Good At X?" If Yes, ..."

  19. Use Spintax

    Spintax is used for creating variations of sentences or words is pretty straightforward and can help you generate even more diverse email bodies for your leads.

  20. Mention Competitors

    Mention your prospects' main competitors in your email to resonate with them and show them that you've done some research and aren't blindly blasting everybody with your emails.

  21. Talk about them

    Rework sentences so all the "I" and "We" are replaced with "You". Everybody wants to hear about themselves, not you. Instead of saying "I can get more sales with our Fb Ads strategies" say this "Have you used (specific offer) to get you more sales?"

  22. Use Flair

    Flair is anything other than normal text. It can be emojis, exclamation points or capital letters. Don't overdo it, but a well-placed emoji can make your email stand-out :)

  23. Change up your signature

    Having the same signature could be a negative footprint and get your emails stuck in spam if you’re sending too many emails.

  24. Teach them something

    If you have any insights or deep domain expertise that most people don't know - teach it to your prospects. It can be even as simple as showing them how to install a FB pixel or telling them they should fix the links on their blog for better SEO.

  25. Use GIFs

    Add relevant or funny gifs to your emails to stand out from the crowd and increase your reply rates. We're seeing really good responses in adding gifs to our follow-up emails.

Follow Up Strategy

We don’t really use long follow-up sequences and usually end at 4. Feel free to experiment and test out longer or shorter sequences. You never know what’s going to work in your niche.

  1. Initial Cold Email (Main email this guide about).

  2. Quick Bump (2 days later)

  3. Value (2 days later)

  4. Break-up / Something funny (3 days later)

Quick Bump


  • Hey, I know you’re busy, just making sure this email didn’t get buried.

  • Hey, is there anyone else at {{companyName}} I should be sending this to?


If you did your homework for the initial email this is the place to use different angles and case studies, offer a free audit, or send a video.

Break-up or Meme

At this point I’ll assume (your offer) isn’t a priority right now. Feel free to reach out when it changes.

Bonus 1: 600 Cold Email Templates

Whenever I run out of ideas I just Google “Cold Email Templates” or go into the spreadsheet below. I use CMD+F to find relevant templates or scroll until I find something I like and edit it to fit my current offer. You may click here to see of our Template Hubs.

Bonus 2: Become a Cold Email Expert

Thanks for reading - hopefully you found a bunch of methods to inspire your cold email copywriting. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or via Instantly’s Live Chat if you have any suggestions.

If you want to take your cold email to the next level - here is more content we’ve created on Cold Emailing.

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