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How to use Unibox Reply Macros
How to use Unibox Reply Macros

Use predefined templates in your Unibox to easily respond to interested leads.

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You can follow the steps below to use reply macros in Unibox:

1. To open the Reply Templates in Unibox, hit Reply and on the menu bar, click on Reply Macros.

2. Click on Create.

3. Create replies for different scenarios:

  • when a lead asks for more info, pricing

  • when a lead refers you to another person

  • when a lead wants to schedule a call, etc.

4. Name the macro and save it.
5. You can edit or delete your macros from the Macro view.

6. Select the macro that you want to use and it will be loaded in your reply editor. This will save you time replying to the questions that get asked most often.

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