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Create a separate workspace and invite team members
Create a separate workspace and invite team members

How to create a separate workspace within the same Instantly account

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Workspaces are completely separate Instantly spaces and are primarily meant for agency customers who were using multiple Instantly login accounts to manage their end-customers.

Now they can manage their customers (while keeping their data separate) within a single log-in account.

To have multiple workspaces, you need to already be on a paid plan before you can create a new workspace.

Note: Every workspace requires its own separate subscription. Workspaces aren’t ‘Folders’ inside a single workspace.

How to create a new workspace

  • Click on your account and select My Organization

  • Click on Create Workspace

  • Enter the name of the new workspace and hit Continue

  • Subscribe to any paid plans to start using the workspace

How to switch workspaces

You can switch to another workspace by selecting one from the drop-down list:

How to invite team members to your workspace

You no longer need to share the same login with your team members to access the account since they can have their own credentials.

If a person is already an Instantly user, this workspace will be added to their list. If they are not using Instantly, they will be asked to create a new account.

Here are the steps on how to invite team members to your workspace:

  • Going to Settings - Account

  • Click on the Members tab

  • Invite a team member by entering their email address and choosing their role

There are 4 roles in Instantly:

  • Owner of the account - has all the privileges, assigning the team members, deleting the account, etc.

  • Admin - same as owner, except deleting the account, access to Lead Finder

  • Editor - manage the campaigns, access to Lead Finder

  • View / VA Access - able to make changes to sending accounts, add more accounts, reply from Unibox, and monitor the workspace.

How to change workspace ownership

If you need to change the owner of the workspace e.g. from Admin to a new Owner, please follow these steps:

  • Log in with the Owner member account to Instantly

  • Go to the Team Members section:

  • Change the role from Admin (or any other) to Owner

  • The confirmation email will be sent to the current Workspace owner's email address.

  • Confirm the ownership change by clicking the link in the email


Q: If we have 2 workspaces, do we have 2 logins then?

A: Same login for all workspaces.

Q: Can we have the same sending email accounts in more than 1 workspace?

A: No, you cannot have the same sending email accounts across workspaces.

Q: Can we share leads/campaigns/stats between workspaces?

A: No, they are completely separated.

Q: How do I cancel one of my workspaces?

A: Workspace can be canceled by going to the Billing in the specific workspace and canceling the subscription.

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