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Setting reminders in Unibox
Setting reminders in Unibox

How to set up a reminder in Unibox so you never miss a follow up opportunity

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Unibox makes it simple to set reminders for yourself to follow up on emails after you send one. This helpful feature allows you to easily stay on top of your obligations and follow up when necessary.

The reminder feature is simple to use. After you send your email, the reminder will become active. This is helpful for both proactively following up and for when a lead asks you to contact them again in the future.

How to activate a reminder?

Activate the reminder by checking the box "If no reply". Choose the date when you want the reminder to turn on. Click Send to send your message.

You will get a confirmation that the email has been sent.

To see all your reminders, go to the "Reminders only" tab in Unibox, under "More" section:

How to remove a reminder?

To remove a reminder once you replied, simply click on the "Remove reminder" button:

Reminder will be deactivated automatically if:

  • A lead replies to your email

  • If you send another follow-up to the lead through Unibox

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