Unibox V2
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With the improved Unibox V2, no email will go unnoticed.

Key Upgrades:

  • All emails from sending account inboxes are shown in Others folder: ensuring no loss of communication.

  • Faster reply detection: quicker tracking of email responses.

  • Auto-refresh Unibox page: keeps the inbox updated automatically.

  • Emails remain saved: in v2, deleting campaigns and leads no longer results in the deletion of associated emails. They will be visible in Unibox.

  • AI-powered sentiment analysis: use of LLM/GPT-4 for better insights into reply sentiment.

  • Bulk select: select emails in Unibox and perform operations in bulk

  • Taking down notes directly in Unibox

The biggest improvement is that Unibox V2 will show the entire sending account inboxes in the "Others" folder. This is a significant leap from Unibox v1, which limited display to only replies from leads.

You will not miss any positive replies from leads that responded to you from a different email address or forwarded your email to a coworker:

Note: With Unibox v2's capability to capture all emails from an account's inbox, users are advised to remove personal email accounts connected to Instantly for privacy concerns.

Alternatively, teams can disable non-campaign emails from being added by adjusting settings in Preferences.

To toggle this feature, go to Preferences and switch the 'Save non-Instantly emails in Unibox' button.

Attach Lead

If your lead responded to you from a different email address or forwarded your email to a coworker, the reply will now show in the Others folder.

To sync the Reply Received status and stop any follow-up emails for this lead, you can use the "Attach lead" functionality to move the lead from the "Others" folder to "Primary" by following the steps below:

And enter the original lead's email address (you can easily find it if you scroll down the email thread, and see the "to" email address from the first campaign email, or enter the leads domain and choose from the drop-down).

Then, you can change the interest status of that lead from the primary inbox.

Bulk actions

To perform actions in bulk in Unibox, select one email, and then hover over the checkbox to see available select options:

​Then, choose one of the available operations:

  • Add to blocklist

  • Change interest

  • Delete email

  • Mark as read

  • Mark as unread


Q: If an email is marked as read or deleted, will it impact the status of the email in the account's Inbox as well?

No, if you mark an email as open or delete it from the Instantly app, we do not currently change the status in the associated account (i.e., it's not a 2-way sync).

If you'd like to see this feature in Instantly, you can vote for it here: Feature request

Q: If a reply has been deleted from Instantly Unibox, will this now mean that if leads respond again, even if they are not in Instantly, the response will still land in the Unibox?

Yes. If you deleted the lead from the campaign, the reply will still come to Unibox but in the Others folder instead.

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