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Microsoft 365 account setup
Microsoft 365 account setup

How to create and setup Microsoft account

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Once you connect your domain to Microsoft Workspace, you need to create a new user and assign a license to enable SMTP for this email account. To do this, here are the steps on how to create and setup Microsoft 365 account.

Create Microsoft 365 account

The first step of the setup is to create first the Microsoft 365 account. Watch the full tutorial here.

Here are the steps below to start creating an account.

  1. Go to your Microsoft Admin Page and login with the admin account.

  2. Navigate to Users tab and select Active Users.

  3. Click Add a user.

  4. Fill out the details and make sure to choose the correct domain in the domain section.

  5. Buy a license for the new user if they don't have any available.

  6. Click Next and once finished, click Finish adding.

Enabling SMTP

The next step after creating a Microsoft 365 account is to enable SMTP for the created account. You can check the detailed guide here.

Follow the steps below to enable the SMTP:

  1. Click the account you just created.

  2. A side window will appear. Go to the Mail tab and click on Manage email apps.

  3. Check IMAP and Authenticated SMTP to enable them and click Save Changes.

  4. Wait for an hour for changes to take effect.

  5. Go to your Instantly account and add this account using the Microsoft connector.

To learn more about connecting Microsoft accounts to Instantly, check this article.

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