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Connecting your Microsoft 365 account to Instantly 2.0
Connecting your Microsoft 365 account to Instantly 2.0

How to connect your Microsoft 365 email address to Instantly

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Important: Before you connect, make sure that you have SMTP and IMAP enabled in your Microsoft admin console for the accounts that you want to connect. You can read this article for instructions: Setup for your Microsoft 365

You can connect your Microsoft 365 account to Instantly in just a few steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Instantly Account

Step 2: From the Email Accounts tab click on "Add new"

Step 3: Choose "Office 365 / Outlook"

Step 4: New window will pop out and you will choose the account you want to connect and sign in. If your account is not listed, proceed by clicking to "Use another account" and sign in with your login details.

Step 4: Accept the request to give permission to Instantly to use your Microsoft account.

Here is the video that shows you the process:

Now you are all set!

You can now go ahead and enable warmup and create Custom Tracking Domain.

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