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Pabbly integration
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Pabbly is another way to automate your outreach.

Available triggers for Instantly

  • Email Opened:

    Triggers when Email sent in a particular campaign is opened.

  • Reply Received

    Triggers when someone replies to email sent in a particular campaign.

  • Email Bounced

    Triggers when Email sent in a particular campaign is bounced.

  • Lead Unsubscribed

    Triggers when lead unsubscribed.

  • Campaign Completed

    Triggers when the lead completes a campaign.

Available triggers for Instantly

  • Add Leads to Campaign

    Add a lead to the campaign.

  • Remove Leads from Campaign

    Removes existing lead from campaign.

  • Update Lead Status

    Updates the status of the lead.

  • Add Entries to Blocklist

    Adds new entries to the blocklist.

  • Remove Entries from Blocklist

    Remove existing entries from the blocklist.

  • Set Campaign Name

    Sets a new campaign name.

  • Set Campaign Accounts

    Sets the campaign's sending accounts to emails in the account list.

  • Remove Sending Account from Campaign

    Remove a single sending account from the specified campaign.

Some of the use cases are the following below.

  • Sending an email notification to your clients or team members when a lead shows interest in your services.

  • Managing a block list that captures the lead date and adds it to a Google Sheet.

  • Email reply notifications.

Send an email from Gmail when a new reply is received in Unibox

This is one of the steps to integrate your Pabbly to your Instantly account.

Here are the simple instructions to follow from your Pabbly Dashboard.

  1. Select the trigger.

  2. Copy the webhook and paste it to Instantly.

  3. Go to your Instantly settings and select Integrations tab. You'll find webhooks in the list.

  4. Click on Add Webhook to make a new connection.

  5. Copy-paste the Pabbly Webhook URL in the Add a Webhook field.

  6. Select the campaign you want to send event notifications from for this webhook.

  7. Select the event type 'Reply Received' from within the campaign to send notifications for.

  8. Click on Add Webhook button after all three fields are done and you should be able to see it added to the list. Now you need to make or wait for the trigger to happen so that the Webhook response will be captured.

  9. Choose an action. When a reply is received in Instantly, send an email via Gmail or Outlook to your client, so they can quickly reply to the leads.

  10. You will be prompted to connect your Gmail account that will be sending emails.

  11. Enter the recipient email address (your client for example), and map the rest of the fields based on the data from the trigger.

  12. You want to add the leads email in "reply to" field.

  13. Click Save and Sent Test Request.

  14. Once done, scroll to the top and enable Workflow

Your workflow should now be active and the emails will be sent to the address listed in your action.

Import leads from Google Sheets

Another use case is when a lead is added to a Google Sheet, add a new lead to Instantly campaign.

Here are the simple instructions to follow.

  1. Create a new workflow with Google Sheet trigger "New or updated Spreadsheet row."

  2. Set up trigger events in Google Sheets.

    • Make sure you're logged into a single Google Sheets account while doing the setup.

    • Create a new Spreadsheet. Navigate to the "Extensions", move to the "Add-ons" option, and then click on "Get add-ons".

    • A dialog box will appear. Now search for the Pabbly Connect Webhooks add-on, install it, and refresh the page once.

    • Navigate to the "Extensions" menu again, and click on Pabbly Connect Webhooks.

    • Click on the "Initial Setup" option, put the Webhook URL provided above, and specify the trigger column. The trigger column should be the one containing the email address.

    • Click on the "Send Test" button & you should be able to receive the webhook response below. Now click on the Submit button to save the Initial Setup you did.

    • Move to the Pabbly Connect Webhook from the Sheet menu under the Extensions menu and choose the event when Webhook should send data.

    • Ensure that the trigger column value is modified in order to capture the New or Updated Spreadsheet row.

  3. The next step is to connect Instantly and choose the step "Add leads to campaign."

  4. Select the campaign to which you want to import the leads, and other variables such as first name, last name, company, etc. Once mapped, test the action.

  5. Open the campaign in Instantly, if the setup is complete, you should see a new lead in your campaign.

Note: On the Step 2 procedure, please take not of the following:

  • If you are manually making the change in the Spreadsheet, the updated data will be sent immediately to Pabbly Connect. Ensure enabling the Send on Event option in the addon.

  • If the change is made through an external platform besides Google Forms in the Spreadsheet, the trigger will be sent once every one hour. Ensure you enable the Send on Schedule option in the addon.

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