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You have created DKIM record but it's not found in Instantly - check why this happens

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Instantly runs DKIM test using most popular selectors which sometimes can result in DKIM not found error, if you are using a less popular email provider.

We recommend, whenever possible, changing your selector to "default" when you are using less popular email providers. That way, Instantly will be able to recognize your selector.

  • Google/Gsuite - "google"

  • Office 365 - "microsoft", "selector1", "selector2"

  • Other service providers - "default"

Some providers don't allow changing the DKIM selector. In that case, you may see the "DKIM not found" error.
To check if you have your DKIM record set, follow the steps below. Once you confirm your DKIM is in place, you can ignore the error in Instantly.

1. Find what your DKIM selector is.
In your Domain provider DNS zone, find the DKIM hostname. The selector would be the first part of the hostname, before the dot. Here is an example:

In the screenshot above, we see a DKIM record created in a domain DNS zone. The email provider is Outlook, and the selector is "selector1".

*Don't get confused by the record type "CNAME" in the screenshot. Some email providers use "TXT" type.

2. Verify your DKIM record.
Go to and enter your domains and the DKIM selector. The valid result will show your DKIM record.

Once you have verified your DKIM record, you won't need to worry about the error you see in Instantly.

If you are not able to verify your DKIM record, please reach out to our support via chat for help :)

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