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Lead Finder - Instantly's lead mining tool
Lead Finder - Instantly's lead mining tool

How to mine for leads with Instantly's tool Lead Finder

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In this article, we'll guide you through the ins and outs of our new feature, Lead Finder.

It eliminates the need for third-party tools, email verifiers, and the use of CSV files, offering a more efficient and integrated solution. It's a comprehensive tool that consolidates all your prospecting needs into one platform.

You can purchase credits from the billing section:

The credits usage is calculated per verified lead - 1 credit per verified lead when you use the “Add to campaign” functionality.

If you just download the CSV file, it will count each contact (whether verified or not) as a credit used.

The unused purchased credits are rolled over into the next month.

How to use Lead Finder

Go to and add some filters.

  1. Start your search by applying filters on the left-hand side, or use presets. Presets are all your previously saved searches. If you are looking for multiple locations or multiple titles, save your search so you don't need to enter the same details next time.

  2. Add Job titles in the Job Titles filter. Start typing and select the ones that apply.

  3. Select all the locations that apply:

  4. Select multiple or just one industry:

  5. Choose the company size

  6. Another filter that you can use is the Revenue range:

  7. Besides industry, you can add some keywords to help you narrow down your search. Type keyword or multiple keywords that apply to your targeting:

  8. You can use Lookalike domain if you want the results to be similar to the domain you entered. Enter the domain of your current or ideal clients to get similar companies:

  9. Job listings - search for companies looking to hire specific job roles. Use case: a design agency can look up companies that are hiring for a designer and pitch them their agency services.

    Please note that this feature is only available for users on the Hyper Leads plan.

  10. The Technology filter will scan the technologies present on a website. So, use it to target companies that use some of your competitor's services.

  11. More Filters include Department, Management Levels, Name (person's name), and Company Name.

Domain Enrichment

To enrich a list of domains, use "Domains" under More Filters:

For larger lists of domains (you may scrape domains from an online source like Clutch or Crunchbase) - paste them in the CSV file, and upload the file to Lead Finder by clicking on the upload button:

Select the column that contains the domain and click "Upload All":

You can then use additional filters (like title, location) to narrow down the search.

Lead Enrichment

To use the people enrichment feature, head over to

  1. Click on "Create List"

  2. Name the list and click "Create":

  3. Choose how you want to upload the file:

  4. Map the fields that you want to use for enrichment. In the example below, there is only one column with Linkedin URL. Remove unnecessary columns by clicking on "x" sign. Click "Upload All":

  5. The enrichment process begins immediately, and you can see the status change for the leads from "In enrichment Queue" to "Enriched":

  6. After the Enrichment process finishes, you can import the leads to the campaign, in the same way as in the Lead Finder search tool.

You can upload a CSV list of contacts:

a. With just the email;
b. Just the LinkedIn URL (not Sales Navigator URL);
c. Or a combination of the company website, first and last name.

We will automatically find all of the details that we have on that list of people.

This feature uses the lead finder credits - one credit per valid enrichment.

If you do not have enough credits, we will still allow the upload of leads - but they won't be enriched unless credits are added.

Managing/importing the leads

Once you have all the filters in place, you have two options to manage the leads.

  • You can directly send all the leads to your campaign. The Leads will be verified so you can just launch your campaign without having anything else to do.

  • You can download the CSV file

If you are importing the leads to a campaign, this is what you need to do:

  1. Select the leads that you want to import (select this page, all results, or a specific number of results)

  2. Click Add to Campaign

  3. Choose the destination - start typing the name of the campaign:

    Only the verified leads will be imported, and you can check for duplicates in other campaigns in your workspace, by clicking on the checkbox "Check for duplicates".

  4. Once you click "Add to campaign" the upload status will appear on the top of the page.

    If any of the leads were added to your blocklist before, they will not be imported to your campaign.

  5. After all the leads have been added, the number of total leads uploaded might get lower, but the system will automatically pull for new leads until it reaches the number of verified leads you have originally specified.

  6. Once you open the Leads section in your Campaign, the Verification status will be visible, which means these leads passed the verification test. At this point, you can launch your campaign 🙌

The second option is to download the CSV file.

The Download status will appear on the top of the page:

  1. The CSV file contains leads that have not been verified yet. You will have to use a third-party verification tool before uploading the CSV file to your campaign.

  2. The Download status will appear on the top of the page:

And there you have it - a guide to using our new Lead Finder feature. Whether you're importing leads directly to your campaign or downloading a CSV file for further refinement, this tool is here to make your life easier.

Billing & Usage

To see the Lead Finder credit balance, go to the Billing & Usage tab, Current Usage:

You can easily get info on the most recent credit usage, by clicking on the "See Usage" or get access to your CSV files in "Recent Downloads" tabs.


How are credits calculated?

  • You get charged 1 credit per verified lead when you use the “Add to campaign” functionality. If you just download the CSV it will count each contact (whether verified or not) as a credit used.

Do credits roll over to the next month?

  • Unused credits will be transferred to the next month's balance.

Is it possible to purchase one-time credits?

  • Not possible currently. It’s a subscription that renews monthly.

Am I immediately charged when I click on "update plan" for the lead finder?

  • Yes, currently that’s the case. But we are changing that now as we speak and there will be an additional confirmation popup in the future.

How can I get extra leads?

  • You can increase lead limits in Billing/Add-ons.

Do you have a 2000-3000 plan?

  • We don’t have 2000-3000 leads plan. 1k, 10k and then 10k addons.

How long does it take to verify leads imported from your lead finder into our campaigns?

  • The verified leads are added immediately in the campaign however if there are a lot of leads, it will take some time.

Is there a limit for those leads that the user can download as CSV directly from the search?

  • Yes - the plan limit (1k or 10k).

Can we use Sales Navigator search links in order to pull data all at once?

  • Sales Navigator search is not possible, nor Linkedin search, but we’re considering adding it to the roadmap.

What’s the average percentage of emails returned per 1000 contacts?

  • All contacts have email addresses, however, ultimately 50-70% should end up being actually verified through our multiple checks and then added to the campaign.

Will Lead Finder work to find Ecommerce businesses?

  • Yes, they can use technology filters to search for online shops by technology - Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, etc.

Will you be adding web 3 industries like crypto and blockchain, or even AI?

  • Yes, we will be adding those soon.

Will the company names be cleaned when importing them into a campaign?

  • When they are pushed into a campaign Lead Finder will clean company names, however not if you export CSV.

What are some planned upcoming features?

  • Better Keywords and Lookalikes

  • Faster & more precise algo

  • Buying signals

  • More data

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