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How to Set Up Evergreen Campaigns with Lead Finder

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The Evergreen Campaigns feature allows your campaigns to run indefinitely by automatically pulling in fresh leads from our Lead Finder tool.

How to enable Evergreen campaigns

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set it up:

1. Navigate to Lead Finder

Log in to your Instantly account and go to the Lead Finder section.

2. Import Leads

Begin your search for leads as you normally would. Once you've generated a list of leads that meet your criteria, proceed to import them.

3. Enable Evergreen Campaign

Before completing the import, you'll see a toggle switch to the "Enable Evergreen" feature.

5. Set Frequency and Volume

Choose how often you'd like new leads to be added to your campaign:

  • Daily: Fresh leads will be added every day.

  • Weekly: New leads will be added after every 7 days.

  • Monthly: Leads will be added after every month.

Next, specify the number of verified leads you want to import based on the set filters in these time intervals. E.g., insert 1000 verified leads into a campaign every 7 days.

6. Confirm and Import

Once you've set your preferences, click "Add to Campaign" to finalize the process. Your campaign is now set to run indefinitely, with new leads being added based on your chosen frequency, volume, and search criteria.

Active and Completed are the current campaign states into which new leads will be pushed. If our system detects that the campaign is not in one of these states, the leads will not be imported.

How to distinguish your Evergreen campaigns

Evergreen campaigns will have a blue "infinite" icon next to their status.

How to disable Evergreen status

If you no longer wish to import new leads into your campaign, you can disable Evergreen status by clicking on three dots:

1. Remove evergreen status from the Campaigns tab:

2. Remove evergreen status from the Campaign itself:

3. Confirm the action by clicking on "Delete":

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