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How to connect Pipedrive to Instantly
How to connect Pipedrive to Instantly
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Connecting Pipedrive

Step 1 ➡️ Open Integrations page.

Step 2 ➡️ Select Connect Pipedrive.

Step 3 ➡️ Select the API method to authenticate as this method is more stable.

Step 4 ➡️ Click "Continue" to allow access to Instantly.

  • If you use the API Key or Access Token (recommended), here's how to find API key, continue following these steps:

Log into your Pipedrive account.

Click on your account name on the top right

Click on Company Settings

Click on Personal Preferences

Click on API

Copy your API token and paste below:

Step 5 ➡️ Copy your Pipedrive subdomain, e.g. Instantly5:

And enter it in Instantly. Click "Submit".

The next thing you will see is the notification that your Instantly has been connected successfully to Pipedrive.

To learn how to import leads from Pipedrive to Instantly, read this article.

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