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How to connect Hubspot to Instantly
How to connect Hubspot to Instantly
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You can also connect your Hubspot to Instantly and import leads to your campaigns or lists. To achieve it, you must connect first your Hubspot account to Instantly.

Here are the following steps to connect your Hubspot.

  1. On your Account Settings tab, select Settings.

  2. Click the Integrations tab.

  3. Select Connect Hubspot.

  4. Click Continue to allow access to Instantly.

  5. Copy the API key from Hubspot and paste it to Instantly.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Once the setup has been done, you will see the confirmation that Instantly and Hubspot are connected.

Using Hubspot API Key

Using API Key or Access Token is known as the recommended method. Here are the steps to do the following.

  1. After Step 4 above, you will be asked to enter your credentials in Hubspot.

  2. Select Integrations and click Private apps.

  3. Click Create a private app.

  4. Provide a name and select all relevant scopes for CRM.

  5. Under Standard, select the sales-email-read scope and click Create app.

  6. Proceed on step 5 above for connecting Hubspot to Instantly.

To learn more on how to import leads from Hubspot to Instantly, read this article.

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