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Zapier integration: Create a lead in Pipedrive when a lead is marked as Interested in Instantly
Zapier integration: Create a lead in Pipedrive when a lead is marked as Interested in Instantly

Follow the tutorial to create a Zap: when a lead is mark as Interested in Unibox, create a lead in Pipedrive

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With our Zapier integration, you can export interested leads from the Unibox to your Pipedrive. This Zap has 4 steps:

You can use this flow to create a Zapier to create a lead in Pipedrive when a lead is marked as Interested in Instantly, or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Go to your Zaps editor and click on Create a Zap:

  2. Type Instantly in the search bar and select it from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the event field, select New event.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Click Sign in to connect your Instantly account and paste the API key.

    You can get your API Key from the Integrations page and copy the Zapier API key:

  6. In the pop-up window paste your API key and click on Yes, Continue.

  7. After you've connected your Instantly account with Zapier, click Continue.

  8. In the setup action select your campaign and event type = Lead is marked as interested.

  9. Test your trigger by marking a lead from the selected campaign as Interested and clicking on Test trigger.

  10. Select Pipedrive from the drop-down list.

  11. In the event type Find Organization, and then click Continue.

    Before we create a lead right away, Pipedrive requires we have a person and organization created. We will first search if an organization is in our CRM with the email attached that we marked as interested. If not it will create the organization for us.

  12. Sign in to your Pipedrive account.

  13. In the new window click Allow and Install.

  14. Choose your account and click Continue.

  15. Inside of the Setup action, in the Name field, map out the Company name.

    Below is an option to search for an exact match. It is recommended to choose “No” which means it’ll perform a fuzzy match. Essentially it will see if a company in your CRM has a similar name to the one in your campaign.

    Note: Tick the “Create Pipedrive Organization if it doesn’t exist yet?”. We will need this in order to create a lead.

  16. Now you can map out fields for the Organization. Click Continue.

    Name should equal lead's Company name. I have labeled this lead as warm since we marked them as interested inside of Instantly. You can also select owners map addresses etc.

  17. Test your Zap.

  18. Next step is to connect Pipedrive again by clicking on the "+" sign, and then choose Event = Find Person. Click Continue.

  19. Connect your Pipedrive account and under Setup action the field to search by is the Lead’s Email. This will perform a lookup to see if we already have a person in our CRM with this email. For this, we will be doing an exact match.

    Please note that you need to tick the box at the bottom of the screenshot “Create Pipedrive Person if it doesn’t exist yet?” this is essential.

  20. Now start mapping your fields.

    Name = first name from Instantly.

    Organization = the company name.

    Email = Lead’s Email from Instantly.

    Label = Warm Lead.

    Can also add a phone number if you capture this in your lead lists.

  21. Test this step and continue.

  22. Add another Pipedrive step and select Event = Create Lead. We now have all of the essential data to create a lead - an Organization and a Person.

  23. Choose your Pipedrive account and click Continue.

  24. Go to Setup action. For title, we used the name of the Person made in Step 3 and the name of the Organization made in Step 2.

    The Person is the ID of step 3 and Organization is the ID of step 2.

    For the Note section, we used it to showcase where this lead came from and which campaign. Click Continue.

  25. Test this step and check your Pipedrive to see if the lead was created.

  26. Now you are ready to publish your Zap.

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