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Importing leads from Pipedrive
Importing leads from Pipedrive
Updated over a week ago

After connecting your Pipedrive, you may now proceed in importing leads.

Here are the following steps on how to import leads to your Campaign or List from Pipedrive.

  1. On your Email Accounts tab, click Add Leads.

  2. Select Pipedrive.

  3. Choose a contact filter (to import contacts with a specific Pipedrive filter)

  4. Click Import.

  5. Check the corresponding fields and click Upload all.

Instantly will check for any blocked contacts and duplicates across all campaigns.

Note: Before we proceed in importing leads from Pipedrive to your campaign or list, you need to connect your Pipedrive to Instantly. After connecting, create a Filter in Pipedrive contacts from which you will import the leads. You can read this article about creating filters for contacts in Pipedrive.

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