Global block lists allow you to block out an entire domain or a specific email from being imported in your campaigns.

So for example, you can use it to block:

  • (blocks all leads on that domain)

  • [email protected] (block specific email account)

The global block list is only considered when importing/uploading leads data. If a lead is already imported into a campaign, the block list is NOT checked before shooting them an email.

You can find the button to add the global block list within your campaigns page.

👉 Make a new google sheet, and in the first column of your sheet, add a first row that says 'Blocked', followed by the emails you'd like to block.

👉 Click on the share button on the top right of your Google Sheets page.

👉 Click 'Change' below "Get link".

👉 Change permissions to "Anyone with the link as Editor"

👉 Click on "Copy link" and paste it back into Instantly.

👉 When you finally click "Set block list", Instantly will notify you of the number of rows that have been imported, and inform you that these are now saved.

👉 Delete columns B-Z so that your Google Sheet is simpler for you to keep track of (Optional)

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