Creating variations of sentences or words is pretty straightforward and can help you generate even more diverse email bodies for your leads.

{{RANDOM | Hello | Hi | Greetings!}},

Cold email example:

{{RANDOM |Hi | Hello | Hey}} {{firstName}},

I’d love to {{RANDOM |learn | hear | find out}} more about the way you {{RANDOM|handle | manage | deal with}} sales at {{companyName}}. One of our clients, CASE STUDY, managed to {{RANDOM|increase | boost | raise}} their sales by over 20%. If they continue at this rate, they’ll soon close 2x more business than last year.

{{RANDOM|Can I give you a quick call anytime next week to show you more? | Do you have any time this or next week for a quick chat about this? | Do you have any slots open for a quick chat in the coming days to see if we can do the same for you?}}

{{RANDOM | Best, | Regards, | Cheers,}}

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