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How To Add Variables πŸŽ›

Check this article if you'd like to learn how to add multiple variables to your email bodies and subject lines.

Updated this week

When you upload your CSV, Instantly will automatically detect the columns of your file and attribute a variable for each these variables are firstName, lastName, companyName, email, etc.

Double-check everything and you can use the drop-down menu to attribute the right variable for each one of your values.

You can also import Custom Variables which will later show up in your email copy editor as the header name of that column.

For example, if you have a column with Country it will upload that as a Custom Variable, which you can later use in the copy as {{Country}} to dynamically insert the country of that contact.

  1. When you upload custom variables they will show up as options in the email when you’re adding your variables in the email copy. Simply select the custom variable you want to use from there.

  2. Or click Variables to get the drop-down.

You can watch the full video walkthrough by clicking the link here.


Q: Can I add variables in my subject line?

A: You can add variables in your subject line. To insert a variable into the subject line, click on the bolt icon next to the top-right blue Save button.

Q: Can I use a variable to add signature?

A: Yes, you can use variable to add signature in your campaign and to learn more about, please click here.


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