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How to reactivate warmup for your account after it was disabled?
How to reactivate warmup for your account after it was disabled?

What to do when warmup is disabled for your account

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Sometimes we must deactivate warmup when its usage begins to adversely affect other users in the pool ๐Ÿ™

Bouncing emails from other users in the warmup pool

Warmup can be disabled when your accounts are bouncing too many warmup emails sent by other Instantly users in the warmup pool. This is necessary to ensure that the quality of our warmup pool remains high for all users.

We added a pre-check layer so that any new account that's getting connected to the pool will have its deliverability checked by at least 2 third-party providers (Zerobounce and Emailable) - that way, even if our primary system is having issues, we'll know for sure that an account is 'safe' to join the pool.

How to enable warmup?

You can now request warmup reactivation codes (on a per-account basis) directly in the dashboard to enable the warmup for your accounts. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Email accounts dashboard and click on the red flame icon.

  2. Click Request re-activation code.

  3. Enter the activation code you received and click Submit.

  4. The warmup will be re-enabled now.

Note: the activation code will only be sent when the email address is deliverable. If the email address is undeliverable, you will receive this error - Couldn't send an email, please check if the account address is deliverable.

Unable to access your Spam folder

The way our warmup works, includes taking out warmup emails that land in a user's spam folder and putting it in their main inbox. So the warmup won't work as expected if we can't access the spam folder of your accounts at all.

This is why you're seeing this error in your dashboard - unable to determine the spam folder.

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