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Q: Why I can not receive warmup emails, but can send?

A: When you can send warmup emails but not receive warmup emails, it means that we can not verify deliverability to that account.

We use a total of 3 third-party email verification services to check deliverability for newly connected warmup accounts (Zerobounce, Emailable, and MillionVerifier) - if none of the three are able to verify deliverability, that's when we pause sending to the account (to prevent bounces for other accounts in the pool).

Kindly reach out to our support and list the email accounts that are having this issue.

Q: Why does the warmup ban message say that my spam box was not found?

A: If you see the warmup ban message saying that the spam box was not found, it means that we can not access the spam folder of a user's account at all - which could be for a number of reasons, for example, you could be using an external spam box or a service that first quarantines your emails and then filters email to your main inbox.

And, the way our warmup works, includes taking out warmup emails that land in a user's spam folder and putting it in their main inbox. Since we can't access that external spam box, we can't pull warmup emails out of there into the main inbox either.

This is why you're seeing this error in your dashboard - our algorithm can't seem to find your spam box. This is bad for the other users because their warmup emails could be landing in your spam folder, or even reporting their IPs/email addresses.

To fix this issue, you need to have a dedicated spam folder in your account. Login to your inbox, and send one email to spam. Then, remove and re-add the email account to Instantly. You will be able to re-enable the warmup after that.

Q: Why is my warmup not reaching the sending limit?

A: The daily warmup limit is an upper threshold - it's not a hard limit that the algorithm tries to hit; in other words, the ultimate goal is to improve deliverability and not to hit a specific email limit every day.

An earlier version of our warmup algorithm would actually work in that way - i.e., it'd hit the user-defined limit every day. We found out over time that it wasn't really the best/fastest way to warm up accounts. In a lot of cases, it could actually damage your sender reputation.

This is why the dynamic randomizer was added - the algorithm automatically determines the correct number of emails to send based on your existing health score and several other factors.

Q: What will happen with warmup stats if we reconnect the email and what will happen if we re-add the same email address?

A: If you reconnect or re-add the same email address, data will not be lost. Both warmup and account stats show up.

Q: Why are my warmups being received in huge numbers?

A: This happens if the warmup pool suspects a potential issue with the account (specifically a potential warmup detection by the ESP) and needs to increase the ratio of emails received. There is nothing wrong with this and it will mellow out over the next week or so.

Q: How to know if my accounts have been warmed up enough?

A: We usually recommend warming up new domains/accounts for at least 2-4 weeks and old accounts /domains for at least 21 days before starting your cold outreach campaigns.

To learn how long your accounts have been warming up, go to your email account inbox (Google, Outlook, etc.), open the warmup folder, or the sent folder, search by your warmup user tag, and see when the first email was sent/received.

Also, we recommend keeping the warmup activated indefinitely as long as you plan to use these accounts.

Q: If I change my sending account name is this going to affect the warmup?

A: If you only change the name but keep the same domain then it doesn’t reset the warmup period, and they’re still good to go and send cold outreach.

Q: Mid-February, Google banned auto-warmers. What action did you take to remedy this and continue your automated email-warming strategy?

A: Instantly is not using Google API for email warmup and isn't affected by the new Google changes. Everything will continue working as it has been.

It's still a smart move to diversify your email accounts. If you're using only Google emails, also get Outlook or other ESP's so you're protected against any bigger changes in the future.

Q: Why is warmup not sending and I have enabled it?

A: Warmup emails are scheduled at 12 am UTC every day since we need to run several tests before adding a new account to the warmup pool.

So if you enabled warmup for newly connected hours today, they will only start to send after the following 12 am UTC.

Q: How can we reset warmups?

A: If you're experiencing any issues or need to reset your email warmup, you have 2 options:

  • You can choose to remove the email accounts for a period of 2 days based on UTC time, which will effectively reset them

  • You can also lower your sending limit for 2-3 days to achieve the same result.

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