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Why is my email removed from the warmup pool and how to fix it.
Why is my email removed from the warmup pool and how to fix it.

What to do when warmup is disabled for your account

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We try not to limit our users, but unfortunately, we need to disable warmup in cases where it's causing a negative impact on other users in the pool. Warmup will be disabled most likely in the following scenarios:

Unable to access your Spam folder

The way our warmup works, includes taking out warmup emails that land in a user's spam folder and putting it in their main inbox.

But this doesn't work as expected when we can't access the spam folder of a user's account at all - which could be for a number of reasons, like for example you could be using an external spam box or a service that first quarantines your emails and then filters email to your main inbox. Since we can't access that external spam box, we can't pull warmup emails out of there into the main inbox either.

This is why you're seeing this error in your dashboard - our algorithm can't seem to find your spam box. This is bad for the other users, because their warmup emails could be landing in your spam folder, or even reporting their IPs/email addresses. To fix this issue, you need to have a dedicated spam folder in your account.

One way you could try fixing this is:

  • going into the webmail for the account that has the issue - mark an email as spam, and ensure you can see it in the spam folder.

  • Then, disconnect the account from Instantly, and reconnect it back again. Doing this has fixed this issue for a couple of other people.

This could happen because the spam folder was not used/activated yet within your account - causing it to go undetected in our algorithm and hence inaccessible for us to use.

Bouncing emails from other users in the warmup pool

Another case when warmup can be disabled for your accounts is when your account is bouncing too many emails sent by other users in the warmup pool. This is necessary to ensure that the quality of our warmup pool remains high for all users.

We added a pre-check layer so that any new account that's getting connected to the pool will have it's deliverability checked by at least 2 third-party providers (Zerobounce and Emailable) - that way, even if our primary system is having issues, we'll know for sure that an account is 'safe' to join the pool.

We already don't allow any account to join the pool whose MX records aren't set correctly. The issue is with users whose servers go down, leading to bouncing emails.

We have started to mass ban accounts whose servers are frequently going down leading to this issue.

To avoid this scenario, we suggest checking the health of your sending accounts and domains regularly. There are plenty of tools on the market that can help check your DNS records and suggest improvements:

just to name a few.

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