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How to change the warmup settings?
How to change the warmup settings?
Updated over a week ago

You can change the warmup settings of each email account by clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon.

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The warmup settings are already pre-filled with the suggested amounts. If you’d like to change them, here are the following steps to do.

  1. Click in the field and change the number for Increase per day, Daily limit, and the Reply rate %

  2. Cick the blue ‘Save’ button once you’re done.

Below the ‘Increase per day’ field you also have the option to Disable slow warmup. This option we only recommend for older email accounts that are already warmed up. Don’t use this for new accounts. Newer accounts should be warmed up slowly and gradually (something Instantly automatically takes care of for you when you enable Warmup).

Note: For the email accounts that have just been connected, warmup will start sending emails after 12 am UTC.

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