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How to repurpose/recycle leads to get the maximum ROI out of your data
How to repurpose/recycle leads to get the maximum ROI out of your data

Create new campaigns with already contacted leads and hit them with a new copy/offer.

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Repurposing your old leads will give you a chance to reach out again with a fresh copy and a different approach. Create a new campaign with a new subject line and move already contacted leads (you want to choose the status "Email open, no reply", or "No emails opened").


Reduce your dependency on new leads

Reduce the costs of lead mining

Reduce the time needed for lead mining

Step 1. β†’ Filtering from the Instantly Dashboard

Go to the "Leads" tab in your campaign dashboard. Create a filter for your leads, based on the status:

You can choose one filter at a time. To select all the leads under the chosen filter, in this case "Email open, No reply", you need to click on the checkbox and choose "Select all in campaign (with filter)"

Step 2. β†’ Moving leads to a new campaign

Click on "Move" to open the drop-down menu and select "To another campaign"

Now just select the campaign you want to move the leads to, or create a new one:

Upload the leads to a new campaign

Here are some examples of how to reach out again to your leads.

  • Create a campaign with a free value offering - a tutorial, webinar with a common issue and how to solve it, link to your exclusive group on social networks, etc. Once you establish a connection, you would be in a position to sell to them.

  • Intentionally reach out to check on them by saying hi, telling them about a new offer or learning if anything has changed since your first email.

  • Start from zero - restart the conversation from square one. Take a good look at your leads and make sure your approach fits this group of individuals. You can attach your offer because it allows you to reach out again to some people that might have loved the product the first time, but the timing was just not good for them.

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