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Update Lead Data and Lead Status
Update Lead Data and Lead Status

Change the uploaded leads data and status from the Leads tab

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Lead data can be updated after uploading the leads to the campaign.

Simply go to the Leads tab and click on the lead you want to edit.

The module will come up on the right-hand side.

There are two tabs here:

Lead details and Activity tab.

In the Lead Details tab you can change any of the details by editing them and clicking save.

Activities tab lets you track the activities associated with that lead in particular.

Another feature that this module offers is tracking the lead status/interest level.

Important: If you change the lead status to anything other than the default "Lead" status, the sequence for this lead stops. No more emails will be sent to this lead.

If you made a mistake, you can put the status back to "Lead" and this lead will be reintroduced to the sequence and continue from where it got interrupted by the status change.

This button exists in Unibox too, where you can mark the leads that reply by their interest level.

Turn on/off AI lead status change

If you wish to turn off AI automatically tagging the leads, go to Preferences, and from there turn off this feature.

Turning this feature off will stop automatically labeling leads to Interested, Not Interested and Out Of Office.

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