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Moving leads between campaigns
Moving leads between campaigns

How to move the leads from one campaign to another

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You can easily transfer leads between the campaigns that you have launched in your Instantly account. It will give you a chance to reach out to the leads again with a fresh copy and a different approach.


Reduce your dependency on new leads

Reduce the costs of lead mining

Reduce the time needed for lead mining

How-to guide:

1.Start by creating a campaign where you want to send the leads. Your campaign needs to be saved as draft at least.

2. From your Leads tab, create a filter to set the condition for the leads.

3. Select one of the desired filters. After the leads load, click on the arrow to select all with the filter:

4. In the top right-hand corner click on Move all

5. Select the campaign you want to send the leads to and click Confirm.

6. When you open the leads tab in the new campaign, you won't see all the variables from the leads tab view, but when you click on a specific lead, the tab will show that all the variables have been transferred too, allowing you to use them in your email copy.


When a lead is moved from one campaign to another, only the data (variables) get copied. Its status will not be copied with it.

For example - if a lead has unsubscribed in one campaign and then was moved to another campaign, its unsubscribed status will not be carried over. The same goes for leads getting bounced or any other status they were marked under.

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