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Multiple schedules⌚
Multiple schedules⌚

Learn how to layer sending schedules so that your emails can go out in different times each day

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If you want your emails to go out at different times each day, you can add multiple sending time frames in your campaign schedule.

Adding Multiple Schedules

So the sending time is the same for all days of the week, Monday to Friday. But, let's say you don't want to send your emails so early on Mondays, because Mondays can start a little hectic, and replying to email offers is not a priority. You can create another schedule layer and change the time for certain days.

  1. Remove Monday and Friday from the first schedule, click Save.

  2. Click Add Schedule.

  3. Set the time and rename the schedule, click Save.

  4. Create another one for Friday.

  5. On your left side bar menu, you will see the layered schedules.

  6. Change the days and times according to your preferences so you can get the best timing for sending your emails.

Note: You can add layer as many schedules as you want.


Q: Can I use multiple schedules in my campaign for leads that are in different time zones?

A: If you have a group of leads with different time zones, we recommend separating them into different CSV files and creating separate campaigns for each group.

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