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Test different subject lines and email body copies

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Test different subject lines and email body copies for all of your cold email campaigns to find best performers and make data-driven decisions.

You can test different variations of sequence steps by creating as many variants of subject lines and email bodies.

  1. Create a new campaign and click on "Add variant" to create a new version of the sequence

You can have as many variants as you want

2. Create a Step 2 Variants by clicking on Add Variant button. Have in mind that if you want to keep the emails threaded, the Subject of the Second email should stay the same as in the previously sent email (Step 1). You can create numerous variations to the email body.

If you change the subject of the Step 2 Variance, or any other step, the email from this variance will not be threaded.

3. Test as many variances as you want in a single campaign and based on the results choose the one with the most optimal results for your campaign. Switch off the lowest-performing variants from the analytics tab:

Variants can be switched off directly from the sequence editor too:

Auto optimize A/Z testing

With this feature, you can automate the optimization of email campaigns.

Our algorithm analyses multiple variants of an email (A, B, C...Z) to determine which version performs the best based on a defined winning metric - reply rate, click rate or open rate.

You can enable it by going to Campaign Options, Advanced Options, and selecting the winning metric. Don't forget to click Save.

Once the system identifies the highest-performing variant, it automatically deactivates the other, less effective versions. This process ensures that the sent-out emails are the ones with the highest likelihood of achieving your campaign's goals.


How many variants can I create?

  • As many as you can. Doesn't matter what step, you can add as many as you need.

Will Step 2 A follow Step 1 A? Or is it random?

  • It will be random because you can have multiple variants of each step. (ex. 3 variants for Step 1 and 5 variants for Step 2). There is no option to match variants.

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