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Turning interested leads into meetings
Turning interested leads into meetings

How to respond to every opportunity and turn them into a booked meeting

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Once you start receiving sales opportunities it is important to turn that lead into a booked meeting as soon as possible. Strike while the iron is hot. This is one of the first interactions in the sales process and a very important step. For high ticket offers every lead can be worth $10K+ so treat them like potential $10K prospects instead of some random replies.

There shouldn’t be anything more important than talking with customers. We need to put effort into this.

Here are key aspects that go into this.

  1. Quick turnaround with the replies. The sooner you reply to interested leads the sooner and more likely they will book a call on the calendar. Responding as soon as you see it is ideal but you can also respond within 1-3 hours/same day. The sooner the better. If you respond to leads within 15 minutes you can literally double your income. You don’t have to go to that extreme just keep it in mind. Talking to prospects is the lifeblood of any business so don’t let other stuff distract you from the main cash flow producing activities.

  2. We recommend booking a daily 10-15 minute slot into your calendar where you reply to all the positive leads. Minimally once a day. But ideally in the morning and in the evening.

  3. Make your response specific and tailored to what the prospect told you or what they’re trying to accomplish. If they say next Monday at 10AM works nicely - book them into your calendar yourself instead of sending over your Calendar link for them to choose a time. If they send their phone nr and ask to call them, then call them at a suitable time instead of sending over your Calendar link. Of course ideally we want them to book in your calendar, but to maximize meetings and revenue we should do the discovery portion of the demo in any way possible.

  4. To make your life easier, copy all the main questions/answers to one doc which you can use in the future to just copy paste answers. 90% of the questions are going to be the same.

  5. The money is in the follow-up. If a prospect hasn’t booked a meeting within 24-48 hours don’t be shy to follow up and send them a reminder and explaining again how they could benefit from booking a call. Most positive leads will actually thank you for sending them a reminder!

  6. The initial call should be just a short 15 min discovery session to honestly see if there’s a good fit. Don’t send 60 minute calendar links after the initial positive response. Once you get them on a discovery call and it’s a good fit - then book them in for a 30-60 minute demo call right then and there.

  7. Going the extra mile. Our client Jordan actually purchases their prospect's products and shares it with them. This is why they are closing $24K/mo deals while others are struggling even to get prospects on a call. You get what you put in. Even if this exact example is not possible in your niche, find a way to stand out and show to your prospects you actually care. This can even be as simple as a compliment about something you noticed onf their website or Linkedin.

  8. Be vague about your pricing and strategy. You want to analyze their business first and see if you can actually help them on a call and then give a price. Giving a price via email might scare off prospects that don’t know why paying you that money is worth it. If they persist - give a wide range.

That’s it. If you follow these rules most of the positive leads will turn into a booked meeting.

Example - fast response and calling out their goal (brokering deals with buyers)

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