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CRM - Managing Opportunities
CRM - Managing Opportunities

How to manage opportunities in CRM

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This guide is a walkthrough of the opportunities feature in CRM, helping you improve your sales workflow.

Step 1: Access the Opportunities tab

  • Navigate to the CRM, and click the "Opportunities" section:

Step 2: Locate the opportunity

  • Once you are it the opportunities section, use the filter "Search by lead" to find the opportunity.

  • Click on the opportunity to open the detailed view.

Step 3: View the details on the opportunities page

On the opportunity details page, you'll find all the information about the opportunity.

The data includes all the interactions, notes, emails sent, calls made, etc. for all the contacts in that company.

With the help of AI, you can generate company descriptions, pain points, and competitors, that can help you with your follow-ups.

If the company has more than one contact, they will be listed in the "contacts" section and you can edit and interact with individual contacts.

Functionalities of the Opportunities page

  • Sending follow-ups via email, SMS, and making calls
    For sending SMS and making Calls, you would need a phone number.

To purchase phone numbers, go to billing , select the phone number and how many credits you need:

Find more info here.

The contact needs to have a phone number already added as a variable.

​To send an SMS, select the phone number from the "To" field, and your phone number in the "From" field. You can do the calls similarly.

  • Connecting on Linkedin
    Open the LinkedIn profiles of the contacts by clicking on the "Connect" button.

  • Adding Notes
    By clicking on the "Note" button you can add a note that will be applied to a specific contact in that company.

  • Actions

    Under the Actions tab, you can manage leads by adding them to targeted sub-sequences or campaigns, scheduling meetings directly, and finding similar leads through the Instantly Lead Finder.

  • Instantly AI
    To get a better overview of the company and to personalize your outreach, you can use Instantly AI that will generate the Company Description, Competitors, Pain points and Customer Profiles:

  • Assigning tasks
    Assign tasks to your team members from the Tasks section on the side menu.
    Once assigned a task, a team member will receive an email notification.

  • You can also modify pipeline stages, owners, priority, value, and occurrence fields associated with the opportunity, in the "Opportunities" section.

To delete an opportunity, click on its status, scroll down, and click the trash can icon.

  • Update any relevant info such as the contact's name, contact information, and value, or add a new variable in the Contacts section, by clicking on the pencil icon.

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