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CRM Features

In this article we explain all the features in CRM and how to use them

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Using Instantly CRM is straightforward. Upon accessing the CRM tab, you'll see the six key sections. Each section is explained in this article.


Inbox contains Emails, Calls, SMS, Tasks and Everything.

  • Everything tab is a consolidated view of all the above categories:

  • Emails tab will display all emails from your Unibox Primary and Other folders, including all lead statuses (out of office, not interested, etc.). To stop displaying emails from outside Instantly, disable "Other" folder in the Preferences, AI automation tab.

  • Calls tab shows the records of all calls done through our CRM.

  • SMS tab contains the history of all SMS' sent and received through our CRM.

  • Tasks tab will show all the tasks assigned to Users.

Opportunities - main view

Opportunities give you a consolidated view of all your interested prospects from campaigns and Lists. You can switch between the two by selecting the desired source of opportunities.

Opportunities - single lead view

Once you are in the opportunities section, use the filter "Search by lead" to find the opportunity.

Click on the opportunity to open the detailed view.
​You can read more about the Opportunities page is in this article.


Leads tab gives you a consolidated overview of all your campaigns and lists leads.
You can swiftly assign leads to team members in bulk or delete them from your account.

By clicking on a specific lead, the opportunities window opens up where you can manage lead interactions by adding notes, scheduling meetings, viewing and editing the progress of sales stages, and using AI-generated insights for personalized communication.

To add a new contact from your external outreach, click the "+" icon on the Leads tab.

To assign leads in bulk to team members, select the leads, click the "Bulk assign leads" button, and pick the team members from the list provided. We will distribute leads evenly among selected team members using a round-robin method.


In Salesflows, you can create dynamic views of your opportunities.

Start by clicking on the "+" button.

Then, in the pop-up window, you need to create a rule.

Conditions available are:

  • Lead status

  • Lead status changed

  • Opened an email

  • Clicked a link

  • Replied to an email

  • Last contacted

You can combine multiple conditions to filter the leads included in the Salesflow.
For example, Email opened more than 3 times in the last 7 days, but less than 1 reply in the last 7 days.

To edit or delete the view, use the buttons in the top right-hand corner


You can view your results in Reports. This section offers advanced reporting features, more detailed than typical analytics, including sales goals tracking.

CRM includes data on monthly or quarterly sales goals, showing progress towards these targets.


The Preferences tab in Instantly CRM includes the following sections, each designed to help customize your CRM experience according to your specific needs and workflows:

  • Workspace & Members:
    Manage team member accounts, roles, and permissions.

  • Calls & SMS:
    Manage phone numbers and purchase credits.

  • AI Automations:

    Manage AI settings to optimize how the CRM uses AI tools to automate routine tasks.

  • Lead Statuses:
    Edit and create new custom labels to reflect the lead interest.

  • Integrations:
    Manage connections with other software tools and platforms.

  • Billing:
    View and manage subscription details and payment information.

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