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Connect Google accounts via Google oAuth method
Connect Google accounts via Google oAuth method
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Now, you can simultaneously connect your accounts from the same Google Workspace without an app password by enabling oAuth app access⚡

Here are the steps on how to connect Google account via the oAuth method:

  1. Login to Instantly in one tab, and to your Google Workspace in another

  2. Make sure IMAP has been enabled on all email accounts (This article shows how to do it)

  3. Go to Admin console (Security/API Controls/App Access Control)

  4. Click on View list, and then Add App:

  5. Select OAuth App Name Or Client ID

  6. Copy the ID from your Instantly account, by going to Add New, choose Google/Gsuite, select Yes, IMAP has been enabled, choose Option 2 oAuth

  7. Paste the client ID into your Google Workspace and click Search

  8. Select Instantly

  9. Check the box and click on Select

  10. Select "Trusted can access all Google services" and click on "Configure":

  11. Instantly oAuth v1 will appear in the list of your trusted apps

  12. Now you can go back to Instantly and complete the Login

  13. Choose the Google account you want to connect to or Use another account

Important: If only your workspace admin account is visible here, click "Use another account" to log in to your other Google accounts. It might be worth trying to add these accounts from the Incognito window, in case all of your Google accounts appear here.

In Incognito, your previous login sessions won't be stored, so you can easily add an account you need.

14. Allow access to the Workspace

15. Your account will be connected to Instantly.


Q: Can I connect another email account from the same Workspace?

A: You can proceed and add all other accounts from the same Workspace by using the same Google accounts connector and choosing the oAuth Method (just proceed to login after selecting the oAuth method since the app access has already been enabled once for that workspace).

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