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How do I connect my accounts to Instantly? ๐Ÿ‘ค
How do I connect my accounts to Instantly? ๐Ÿ‘ค

Check this article to learn how to connect your email accounts from different email providers to Instantly

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Simply connect all your emails with Instantly here:

We recommend using 2FA whenever possible because itโ€™s much more secure and stable.

You need both IMAP and SMTP protocols to be set properly to connect an email account to Instantly. It's not permitted to connect only SMTP for sending emails as our emailing, replies detection, warm up processes require also IMAP setting.

To connect Google accounts -

To connect Microsoft/O365 accounts -

If you are unable to connect IMAP for your account -

Please check if you are able to connect that account to this Microsoft tool.

That tool should be able to tell us whether the problem is on Instantly's side, or whether there's something going on with the accounts themselves.

Please send a screenshot of the results page to our chat support, and we'll try our best to help you resolve the issue.

IMAP host for google should be, and for other providers, you can most of the time find them on the provider's website, or directly from your webmail. We also created this article for most popular providers:

Note: There is no option to add alias email accounts to Instantly.

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