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Connecting Sendgrid, Mailgun, and other SMTP providers
Connecting Sendgrid, Mailgun, and other SMTP providers

Guide on how to connect accounts with custom SMTP and IMAP

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It is possible to connect your Sendgrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES accounts to Instantly, by using SMTP from these providers and IMAP from your email provider.

Use "Any IMAP/SMTP provider" connector to add these sending accounts to Instantly:

You will need an IMAP inbox in order to connect SendGrid/Mailgun/other with Instantly. We need that in order to support all features. Most of our customers use their Gmail account as the IMAP target (for receiving emails) and then use SendGrid/Mailgun information for SMTP (for sending emails). Using this connection with Outlook accounts is not possible as Outlook/Microsoft accounts can only be connected via the oAuth Microsoft connector.

Example: connecting Sendgrid with Google IMAP

If you are using Google IMAP, you need to generate an app password in Google, in order to connect these accounts.

Then, enter your email address, app password and IMAP host: - port 993 to connect to IMAP.

In the SMTP section, obtain the Api Key from Sendgrid and use it as a password. In the username section type "apikey". Copy the SMTP details from Sendgrid.

Click Submit.

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